Dawn of War II – The Last Stand and the Morons Who Play It

MoronFirst, as much as I enjoy the DoW series (Dawn of War), I don’t normally do ranked matches or public games. I did for a while but the fact is that I’m not great at RTS (real time strategy), games. The genre for me has always been more about fun than it has anything serious. I have fun playing as Space Marines or Orks and just smashing stuff but I also get annoyed being manhandled by 13 year old kids who spend all their free time playing.

Finding a fun game against other people just become frustratingly difficult and so I began messing with The Last Stand more and more. I enjoyed TLS (The Last Stand), quite a bit initially but the fun wore off when I realized we weren’t getting any new levels/maps/addons any time soon. Then, Chaos Rising was released and we got two new heroes to use and my interest in TLS was reinvigorated.

Here we are months after Chaos Rising and I’m still playing TLS. I don’t play a ton, just occasionally, hoping one day to finally beat wave 20. The problem is that there are far too many morons playing TLS and not enough people with an IQ over 20. Here’s the stupid stuff I see that makes me leave a game. There’s the map glitch where you could climb up into nowhere land to not be hit and fire with impunity. As soon as I see someone do that I just quit the game. I’m not interested in easy mode, I’m interested in a challenge.

My new favorite thing to hate that geniuses are doing is simply hiding in one of the alcoves that the mobs come out of. Doing this late game as a team is a sound strategy, doing this on wave #1 is pathetic. The general rule of thumb is that by wave #9 you should be working as a team but anything before that is easy enough to tackle without much effort. There’s no reason to start working a choke point on wave #1, one person can handle most of the levels leading up to #9. Also, I have some heroes that aren’t level 20 yet and I enjoy getting experience points. If you’re both (yes, routinely two master tacticians will hide in an alcove together), hiding your ass then I’m not getting as much XP as I could be since I’m losing points to the enemy and it’s taking longer to kill them all. Even if you don’t care about the XP then surely the speed in which it takes to accomplish anything matters? Apparently not as I’ve found out so many times. They’ll just stand there and watch. As with above, when I encounter these lovely people I will quit the game.

It’s so damn rare to find a team worthwhile and that surprises me. I just figure that a game mode where you fight the exact same crap on the exact same wave every single time you play would be easy enough to figure out for people. Mostly the challenge comes from working with people you’re not familiar with and the hero match ups that occur with the three people. The only way something is a surprise in TLS is if you’ve reached a wave you’ve never been too. Why must TLS be riddled with so many douchebags?

When the hell are they going to finally add to TLS anyway? How hard is it really, in the grand scheme of things, to at least make another map and 20 new waves? There’s definitely stuff they could do to expand on TLS, to improve it, like making the map larger and with interaction, making the waves themselves random, offer different difficulty levels (2, 3 or 4 players), things like that. Right now though I’d be content with a different map and different waves of stuff to kill.

  • Dobb

    Last Stand was the best thing I played in a while, together with a few game mode in Company of Heroes: Tales of Valour.

    I totally agree with you, the only issue is finding the right people is the real challenge to me – Ironically. My best is Wave 19, and that’s because they used the Space Marine with Plasma Cannon on top of the ruin tower at the bottom map, I reluctantly go through with the glitch because they’re working together and it was actually fun.

    It’s good that they patched out the glitchy areas recently (I think) but aside from that, I wish they added more wargear. I wouldn’t mind seeing jetpacking Mekboy with Kustom Mega Blasta. It’s not hard coming up with good content every monthly to keep the freshness up, and you’re making the fans even happier that way.

  • I thought they fixed the map glitch too but they haven’t.

    I agree, there’s a ton of “easy” stuff they could do. A little would go a long way in TLS.

  • Thejavuar

    You are the moron.

    Points =/= xp in Last Stand. All that matters is how many waves you get through.

    • I haven’t played this since this post really. So, unless they’ve changed it then the points you gain during each round is the qualifier for the XP you earn. Are you going to tell me that taking 5-minutes to complete each round earns you the exact same XP you get by completing the same rounds in 1-2 minutes? I know that’s not the case, or at least it wasn’t 5-months ago, hence this post.

      I appreciate you stopping by to call me a moron though and not backing your argument in the least. Irony?

      • Mark

        Terribly outdated, but anyway: I’m sorry to tell you, but that has been the case since the beginning. If you clear five waves you get the exp for clearing five waves, independent of the time. However, you obviously earn more exp/minute if you clear the waves faster, since you get them faster.

  • Well at least you got your wish: retribution added another map to TLS. I myself am a casual gamer (not much time to spend) and TLS is perfect to waste those 20 minutes playing. I agree it’s quite a frustration when you just have time for that one game and your teammates turn out to be morons. If you want to play TLS sometime look up “fortytwo” on steam, it’s my handle. Cheers!

    • Nice! I haven’t touched it for a while, really since I posted this as I was thoroughly aggravated. Going to have to fire it up now.

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