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E Tenebrae Lux begins!

E Tenebrae Lux is over a month old so I thought I should do an update! This article, published earlier by Kamui, got me thinking about my army and what I should pledge.  My army’s ultimate goal is to have a wh30k and wh40k Alpha Legion army, supported by Imperial Militia and the Lost and the Damned/Renegade Guard, respectively. As I’ve now got more of an idea what actually works on the table top, I made a few lists for my wh30k army – 2000 points, 3000 points, and 4000 points. In wh40k I almost always play 1500-1850, so I’m just working on expanding my collection to give me more options. As a side note, I’m not too keen on mixing the wh30k clean and wh40k spikey aesthetic, a conclusion I came to quite late. Based on that, I began prioritising what to paint first.


My second attempt at Alpha Legionnaires…

…aaaaand my first attempt.

So first of all, of my Alpha Legion wh40k models that need repainting, I have a single wh40k CSM that needs repainting and rebasing for one of my squads, so he was gonna be included regardless. I also have some of the Dark Vengeance Chosen that need repainting and rebasing, so I took the powerfist guy, but I’m gonna include the dual lightning claw guy in a later pledge. Secondly, my Fallen Angels and Cypher badly needed a new paint job and 32mm bases. I was not happy with the original unhighlighted Abaddon black power armour with off-white robes without any shading or highlights. So I stripped 9 (still got several more) of them and decided that I was gonna magnetise most of them so I could vary their equipment. As a bonus, I could tool them up with really expensive equipment and split them into two squads for my pledge! So the Chosen joined the two Alpha Legionnaires in Fabius Bile’s strip tank! I also took 21 Cultists – I have over 100 Cultists, many painted at the same time as my Chosen, i.e. when I just started playing again. These got split in two to maximise the points as well. They can also be used as Imperial Cult/Militia, which I have done in previous battles using the Sacrificial Offering RoW.

ETL Vow 1 (692 pts)

  • HQ

    • Cypher

  • Elites

    • Chosen

      5x Chosen with Boltgun, CCW and Boltpistol, 4x Replace boltgun w/ Plasma gun

      • Chosen Champion

        Boltgun, Power Fist

    • Chosen

      4x Chosen with Boltgun, CCW and Boltpistol, Meltagun, Replace boltgun w/ Meltagun

      • Chosen Champion

        Boltgun, Plasma Pistol, Power Fist

      • Replace CCW w/ Power Weapon

        Power Sword

      • Replace CCW w/ Power Weapon

        Power Sword

  • Troops

    • Chaos Cultists

      Cultist Champion, 9x Cultists, Flamer, 7x Replace Autopistol with Autogun

    • Chaos Cultists

      Cultist Champion, 10x Cultists, Heavy Stubber, 8x Replace Autopistol with Autogun


So this is how far I’ve gotten!


The 11 first Cultists are done! I’ll get a proper photo done for the completed vow!

My third attempt at an Alpha Legionnaire, sans base. 


Powerfist Chosen, sans base.


First attempt at Chosen. Please note only the basecoat has been applied to the marine.

While my scheme for the two Alpha Legionnaires  and the Cultists was no issue, it was worse for the Fallen. Painting black is a pain, but in the end I was very satisfied with an Eshin Grey layer washed thrice with Nuln Oil and highlighted with Leadbelcher in the end for the armour. I felt this resulted in enough shade and highlights, while still looking black. For the robes I tried a few variants until went for Vallejo Cold Grey under an Umber Shade, as per this guide, though I’ve not finished any robes yet. I’m also unsure how to paint the power swords and plasma guns – specifically how to match the black/red/grey with either blue or green. I’m not entirely pleased with the power sword above either and might go for a different style rather than blending.

Following Kamui’s aforementioned guide, I down-prioritised a few squads, specifically units I can’t use in wh40k such as my WIP Seekers.  So for later pledges, I have 3 DiscoPredators (Lascannon with lascannon sponsons, formally known as Predator Annihilator) and 5 MKIV Havocs with autocannons that I’ll rebase and repaint. I’m gonna magnetise the Aspiring Champion, so I can use them in wh30k as well, in addition to maybe getting more autocannons to make either 2 separate squads for wh40k or a big one for wh30k from my MKIVs. I’m really looking forward to seeing them on the table again – they have often been my MVP! As mentioned, I have more Fallen Angels to paint as well, which will go more swiftly now I’ve nailed my paint scheme!


MKIV Chaos Space Marine…

…And then changed to WIP Legion Seeker

From my Betrayal at Calth set and additional eBay’ed toy soldiers, I have 10 Cataphractii Terminators with the Terminator Captain/Chaos Lord and the Chaplain/Dark Apostle, in addition to roughtly 110 MKIVs. Sure, Terminators aren’t good in wh40k, but they’ll have their day sooner or later, and in the meantime I’ll have them magnetised so I can use them as normal Cataphractii Terminators or Lernaean Terminators. Additionally, I’m making a wh30k Primus Medicae to go with them, which I can run as a Terminator Chaos Lord in wh40k.

Somewhat related, I have found a name for my Chaos Space Marines and Alpha Legion Chapter…



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Nice sized vow and good luck with it. I am being slightly put off the ETL this year but I got my vow finished.

Really liking your latest Alpha Legion schemes, but 30k and 40k.


Nice work so far. I’m really liking that metallic teal (whatever), you’re using. Are you mixing in a color to the metal, and then painting it on?

Good choice on the name too. Has a nice sound to it.

Sable Warlock

Love the metallic teal! Cant wait for a tutorial on that!