Feast of Blades

Look like FLGS Crossroads Games is going to be a feeder event for Feast Of Blades. I am going to give this my best shot and start preparing. I am saying it right now I want to be on the top table.

Over the next week I am going to start my list creation. I normally do not build to 2000 points so this will be a challenge. Seeing as 3 color minimum and the missions are unique.

Honestly the idea of seeing one of my local guys or possibly Stealthy himself at major tournament is exciting. Call me byes but I believe we have some pretty high caliber players in our area.

I hope to see the rest of the local and extended local players pull in to the parking lot on August 4th. I have gotten use to seeing the guys from Bangor, Boston and New Hampshire for the big events.


  • Should be fun. I’ll have to use my Marines since they’re painted. I could use Orks but that hasn’t panned out well at all lately.

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