FOUR Books for THREE Bucks: Fantasy Sale & Free Comic Book Day

You read that title correctly: This weekend, May 2nd through May 4th, you can rack up FOUR eBooks for a grand total of only THREE bucks! 

Please excuse this departure from the usual hobby material here, but I thought some of my fine fellow geeks at Creative Twilight might be interested…

My sword & soldiery fantasy novella (yes, I made up the term “sword & soldiery”) The Prince of Luster and Decay is FREE to download on Amazon all weekend.  (Click the title or cover image to go there now.)

Want a bigger deal?  My fantasy novel Tarnish is on a Kindle Countdown this week.

     * May 2-4: Tarnish is reduced to $0.99

     * May 5-8: Tarnish moves up to $2.99

     * May 9: The ebook goes back to where it started at $4.99

Click the cover or title to go there now and grab it while it’s cheap!

These two books are related, by the way.  Prince takes place 10 years before Tarnish and illustrates an episode from the World’s Shadow War that provides Tarnish with some of its history.

So that’s two books so far for only a dollar.  (Free plus $0.99 is a buck, in case you’re not keeping track.)

I have two more books regularly priced at $0.99: the military sci-fi tale The Thorne Legacy, and the horror/noir collection A Long Walk Down a Dark Alley.  Just click their covers to go directly to their homes on Amazon.  Maybe you don’t take your ebooks via kindle.  Click here to go to the Fugitive Fiction Library page where you’ll find links to Barnes & Noble, Smashwords, Kobo, and more.

As promised, during this extraordinary sale weekend, Tarnish + Prince + Legacy + Walk =  3 Bucks!  (Well, $2.97, so even better!)  So grab ’em while they’re cheap!!!



ALSO, for anyone in the San Antonio, Texas area: On Saturday May 3rd, I will be signing books at Dragon’s Lair Comics and Fantasy during their Free Comic Book Day celebrations.  Come check it out, get some free comics, and buy one of these books as a real, live, signed paperback!


J. D. Brink

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