Fratris Salutem 2014: Event Details (UPDATED)

Fratris SalutemFratris Salutem is a Warhammer 40K event that is being held on June 21st, 2014 at The Complex in Scarborough, Maine. It’s a 24 player hobby and story-centric event. Basically it’s a three game campaign that is set to a story and the missions revolve around telling that story. Last year was the first and if you’d like to read up on it then you can find the information here.

This is not your typical 40K tournament. It’s not a day that revolves around showing up to beat face. It’s a day for people who really enjoy the narrative aspect of 40K and are looking for a fun day of gaming. The missions are interesting, the story sets the mood and you get to jump into the 40K universe for a while.

If you’re interested in registering then you can find the work in progress packet over here. It includes the registration fee and how to pay. Registration opened up on March 9th and players are jumping in already so make sure you get yourself registered sooner than later.

NOTE: I just realized I was not linking to the correct packet for this year’s event. Problem fixed.

  • I had to miss this event last year but it sounds like it was a lot of fun. I’m really looking forward to attending this year!

    • Well, register already! ;)

      • I will. I need to round up the cash and get over to my bank first. Paypal will charge me $1.17 to put it on my credit card.

        • Was just giving you a hard time but mostly bumping attention to this article so everyone else gets their stuff together and registers as well :)

          • I’ve registered! I’ll be bringing my Rebel Grots to bolster the forces of Chaos. Viva la Grot!

            • Awesome! Glad to see spots filling up. Hazzard just registered as well.

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