Fratris Salutem 2016 – Information Inbound for 40K Event

Ten thousand years ago, two Legions had been erased from Imperial history. The Primarchs of the remaining Legions had known what befell those Legions, yet they had been sworn to silence. A cautionary tale, known only to a few, was all that had remained of the 2nd and 11th Legions. That was until the day when Lorgar had broken his silence, and called upon his Legion.

Event Information

It’s that time of year again where the Imperium faces the Forces of Chaos, and now those damn sneaky Eldar, to try to claim/defend/steal a potentially missing Primarch of a lost Legion. Yes, it’s Fratris Salutem (Brother’s Redemption for the non-Latin speakers), for 2016!

Here’s the down-low for those who have never heard of Fratris Salutem. First, the event takes places in Standish, Maine. Yes, the search for a missing Primarch takes place in a small rural town in Maine. I mean, in the Ultima Segmentum last we left off! It’s an event, not a tournament. This is important because the mentality of the day is to have fun. Speaking of, it’s a 3 game campaign that has narrative elements to it. Basically, things happen while you play to make the games fun and interesting. Lastly, the basic premise of the event is that the Forces of Chaos are seeking a lost Primarch of one the missing Legions, and they think he’s being held (or was!), by the Ultramarines. This is the 3rd event, so the story has driven along.

Everyone who attends will get lunch, as well as a small token for coming to the event. There are trophies for each team, Chaos and Imperium, as well as assorted other prizes.

Check out this awesome promo video that Berman did for the event.


When & Where

Fratris Salutem is being held on May 21st, 2016 @ 10am. It will take place at Crossroad Games in Standish, Maine. The player packet, which includes the full story-line of the event (past and present), as well as all the relevant details for the event, can be seen here. I went ahead and included all the past battles, as well as victors, and related story telling information for the battles. So, even if this is your first Fratris, or you missed one of the previous ones, you can catch up on where things stand.


To purchase tickets, you can order them online from Crossroad Games, or you can buy them in person at the store.

  • Interesting idea. Good luck with it.

    • Thanks.

      This is the 3rd year, and those who have came have really enjoyed it. It’s definitely not for everyone, IE: super competitive types, but that’s also the point of it.

  • Berman

    I’ve enjoyed it when I have had the chance to go. Very looking forward to it again this year.

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