Fratris Salutem: Hobby Time Diminishing for Now

Fratris Salutem

As much as I would love to continue plowing through my Chaos Marines with painting, maybe more like a steady movement of progress, I will be busy preparing the second Fratris Salutem.

Fratris Salutem is a 40K hobby event I created a few years ago that we ran at Crossroad Games, the local shop. Unlike most events where it’s about you kicking in heads to walk away with a trophy, Fratris Salutem focuses on a team. See, it’s the Imperium against the Forces of Chaos in what is effectively a three game campaign with lots of players fighting for their side. There’s a story to the day, the missions follow that story and during the game there’s cool events that occur that impact all players. It’s pretty awesome.

The event takes place on May 23rd, which is a lot closer than it seems when you have to plan a big event. At the moment I’m wrapping up the player packet, way later than I planned but still early enough. I’ll have to go over some logistics with the store owner and get working on building trophies. Of course, I have to create the missions for the day and get those play tested. I also have to…you get the idea; I’ll be damn busy for a while.

As much as I enjoy working on my army, Fratris Salutem is a blast. The first time I ran an event was the first Fratris and it was way more fun to run than I thought it would be. To see everybody having a great time at an event you created is just an awesome feeling. So, it’s time to get the work in on it so everyone who comes this year enjoys it as much as the last, if not more.

For those interested, you can read the material from the first Fratris Salutem here. Contained in there is the player packet with storyline, and of course rules for the event. You can also find the three missions that were played and the story conclusion for that event. Of course this year will pick up where things left off last time. Should be fun.


  • Warren Falconer

    That’s very exciting the last one was a great event I can’t wait for this one. Just curious on the painting competition of course, last time you guys did it by force org slot, will there be a lords of war category? Not sure if you have that quite worked out yet but figured I would ask ; ).

    • I’m considering not doing a painting comp. The Standoff is known for it and I was thinking of basically putting it all into gaming prizes; reward the players for playing.

      • Warren Falconer

        That seems reasonable it does seem to always end up with some head scratching. At least for me. As far as logistically it always seems to throw a kink into the day. Doesn’t mean I won’t cry myself to sleep tonight though. ; )

  • Warren Falconer

    So I am really getting burned out on the white scars as far as painting goes. I am looking for something else, is there a force good or evil that you would want in the campaign? I’m toying around with sons of hours using hours as a chapter master but I’m open to ideas. I just need a new project preferably low model count. Any way anything you would like to see or could use narratively?

    • Are you going to start a 1,500pt army with a few months to complete it? You’re crazy.

      The focus thus far has been Ultramarines, and to some extent the Inquisition, for good guys. For bad guys it’s been Word Bearers and Alpha Legion. Naturally the whole thing revolves around the missing legions and a lost Primarch, so there’s that too.

      • Warren Falconer

        I’m absolutely crazy. You need more bad guys or good guys?

        • Won’t know yet but typically more bad guys. Too many Emperor loving players usually.

          • Warren Falconer

            Any problem with using the space marine codex to represent a chaos legion?

            • Heresy!

              Nah, that’s fine. Just make it clear when we get to list submissions what you’re doing.

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