Gamers Just Wanna Have Fun

FunWhat constitutes fun inevitably varies player to player but the the truth is that when we play we do want to have fun, well unless you’re a masochist. It’s easy to get caught up in the competitive nature of things. Be that besting your favorite enemy or winning a tournament. Some times you just need to step back and relax. It’s just a game, albeit a game we all obsess about beyond what probably passes for healthy, but a game none-the-less.

My FLGS, Crossroad Games, is holding a little campaign over the next few weeks. The premiss is simple, Imperials vs Xenos. Over the course of the next few weeks we’ll play games with scenarios for each week and collect points for our side. The winning side is the side with the most points at the end. Simple enough and it’s just fun.

I did want to play my Marines for this to take a break from my Orks but I knew we’d have way more Imperial players than Xenos and so I brought along my Orks last night. It was cool seeing all the tables set up last night and having each game being paired off as it was, Xenos trying to overrun the Imperials.

Anyway, to take a break from trying to devise tournament themed lists I decided I’m going to just field things I enjoy regardless of perceived value on the table. Last night I decided to field Meganobz (MANZ), for the hell of it. I have only used the unit maybe two times previous. One reason being I only have three of them, though I have a mega-armored Warboss to join them. The other being they just aren’t what they once were compared to other units. The rest of my list was pretty standard for me since I didn’t have a lot of time to work out a list.

The MANZ performed amazingly well in this 1,850 game. I’ve always thought in smaller games they’d do well and it was the case. They blew through a unit of Grey Hunters and then smashed a Drop Pod, just three of them. The Warboss had detached earlier to smash some tanks. I was happy to see that a unit I love, fluff-wise and model-wise, saw the table and did their job perfectly.

For the rest of the campaign I’m going to continue doing this and even theme the choices. For example, one week I’m going to only put down models that are capable of 12″ movement or more. Another week I may go for a list that uses as many 4+ saves as I can get, which is a fair amount for Orks, believe it or not. I’ll just do things like that, have fun with it and in the process probably discover something I haven’t even thought of.

Is there some unit you really like but they just don’t cut it on the table? Have fun and just put that unit out there, it may surprise you!

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