My Gaming in 6th Edition

SpankingWhen the new year comes or a new edition of Warhammer 40K hits I like to look back at my gaming record to see how I fared. With 7th edition getting into the hands of many today and tomorrow, and my last game of 6th edition having been played Wednesday night, it’s time for another glance back.

Unlike previous editions, in Warhammer 40K 6th edition I only played two armies, Space Marines and Chaos Space Marines. My Orks never saw a single game of 6th edition, nor my Necrons, even though I kept meaning to get the greenskins on the table. My Space Marines went 4-8-1 (wins-losses-draws). When 6th first hit was when I played my Space Marines and where I began learning the new rules. Considering, the record isn’t terrible but only winning 31% of your games isn’t great either.

This leads me to my Chaos Space Marines who had a record of 61-87-1, winning only 40% of the time. I’ve never really been a competitive gamer and that’s pretty obvious. I’m always experimenting with lists, units and ideas, never settling on something that I routinely play, or at least play the exact same way. I have never been one of those people who has a list. Each game is a unique experience and building new lists is part of the hobby for me. I suppose because of that point I view I take the losses in stride.  Surprising is only a single draw in 149 games.

Lastly is Crimson Slaughter. Of course they are Chaos Space Marines but I’m counting them separate as I tracked them separately for my own evaluation. Crimson Slaughter for me had a record of 6-7-1, a pretty big improvement. As much as I enjoy Crimson Slaughter I also know my record difference isn’t truly the supplement. I’m not doing all that much differently with Crimson Slaughter than general Chaos Space Marines. I enjoy the feel of the codex so maybe that has altered my approach a bit. It could just be that I finally found a groove in 6th edition with Chaos Space Marines as well, you know, just in time to learn a new edition!

Overall that puts me at a record of 71-102-3, a win percentage of 40%. In 5th edition my record was 128-133-34, so winning 43% of my games. The bigger difference there was more draws, which seems interesting that 5th saw more draws than 6th did. So, in 6th edition I lost 58% of my games where in 5th it was only 45%.

6th Edition did not treat me well and I know the biggest impact it had on me was the neutering of the assault phase. I love assault, it’s my favorite phase of the game, and despite taking a kick in the nuts in 6th edition I kept at it and trying to make it work. Obviously that did not pan out well for me and a smarter person would have adapted their play style to the edition but I never laid claim to being smart :)

  • Jani Aaltonen

    I have to agree with you. I am fluffy player. I love playing ultra agressive with my Khorne Berserkers and Blood Angel Death Company. Because its very fluffy. I could adopt less aggressive stance and perhaps win more if I play “smarter” but aggressive playing is part of Blood Angels and Chaos Space Marines. I like to build fluff list and play as they should be played. And it seems 7th edition is another kick in the assault phase. Oh, well, we’ll probably make few house rules for assault in our Beer & Pretzels community like Consolidating another assault etc and see how it turns out. Its just so boring to sit there and shoot stuff and skip assault phase…

    • Granted, I’m still reading through the rulebook (almost done), but it seems 7th helped a little bit with assault. Charging into terrain just being a -2″ is a big change for the better for assault units. Really, I guess that’s all I’ve noticed with assault getting something in 7th, or that I’m remembering this morning.

      Either way, not much changed from 6th so the assault phase is still the weakest phase of the game for sure. It’s too bad because I agree, it’s boring to just sit back and shoot. Attacking your opponent without recourse makes perfect sense (shooting), and is smart but letting your opponent have the chance to defend himself (assault), is much more interesting.

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