Gaming: Keeping Things Fresh

Gaming Spice GirlsAs I was creating a list for the upcoming team tournament at the LGS I threw together a list that’s pretty much become synonymous with my name. We all have a style we prefer and of course create lists that match our style. Despite enjoying this common list I use, and it most likely being the basis of my ‘ard Boyz list, I’ve decided against it for this month’s tournament.

The biggest reason I opted for something different is to not pigeonhole myself into one thing. I’ve routinely run my counts-as Shrike for months and months now. Overall it’s been pretty successful for me but I’ve also found myself wondering how the hell I’d run a list that doesn’t have fleet. I have become so reliant on fleet that not having it just seems like playing with a handicap. Of course rationally I know that’s false but I’ve stuck myself into such a routine that anything else seems sub-par. Because of this I need to break the routine. My ideas and strategies are becoming too one-dimensional and that’s never a good thing for a strategy gamer.

I feel this is something every gamer needs to do now and then, just shake it up. In my experience the people who get burned out and give up on a game system or an army are people who generally play one army and they play the same list every time. Changing out a unit or two doesn’t really help alleviate the issue either. You could have five armies, it doesn’t matter if every time you field that army you field it the same way. It’s better than one army with one list but it’s just dragging out the inevitable boredom that will ensue.

Besides avoiding becoming burnt out, changing your lists up expands your understanding of the game and the army. I know I’ve seen units that I thought I’d never field. I just never saw the point in using them and then one day I throw them on the table and my perception is changed and their use becomes clear. It certainly doesn’t happen with everything, some stuff can just be bad no matter what, but if you aren’t making some attempt to see it for yourself then you can never be sure and you’re limiting yourself. Limiting yourself in a game that has limited options is a sure way to become bored and predictable.

Some times you just need to approach the game from a new angle. You could find a new style or method of play you enjoy. Maybe the new thing fell flat but it helped reinforce what you’ve been doing, helped you see how effective your normal approach is. Either result is a success.

Next time you’re writing a list and find yourself doing the same old thing for the hundredth time then change it up, it can only make you a better player.

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Gaming: Keeping Things Fresh
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