Gauntlet #2: Less is More

I think each one of us has a favorite force organization slot with each army we play. I know with my Marines it’s elites, just so many juicy choices. With my Orks though it’s troops. Since I play Speedmek I’m fielding small units and as such I need a lot of troops to handle casualties.

Gauntlet: Your task for this Gauntlet is to cut back on fielding your favorite force organization slot in full. Here’s the breakdown:

HQ – 1
Elites – 2
Troops – 3
Fast Attack – 2
Heavy Support – 2

You may not field more units than the number indicated beside the slot that’s your favorite.

The last Gauntlet was Bench Warmer, so how did you do? Reply and let me know how it went!

I decided to run a unit of Flash Gitz and they did alright. They took out some Arco-flagellants and a couple of Sisters. I had them in a Battlewagon, which they eventually lost. I’m still not convinced that Flash Gitz are worth the price but that’s probably better left for another article. I’ll try them out a few more times to get a real feel for them since one game isn’t going to seal the deal either way really but it was interesting trying them out at least.

  • The game I scheduled for the last Gauntlet challenge had to be cancelled, but I know that I’m going to be trying out for the first time a Chaos Marine terminator suicide squad. (I actually haven’t used terminators at all in this edition…) I’ll report my results once I can get that game rescheduled.

    For this new Gauntlet challenge it’s going to be my Troops section that gets cut down. I usually come close to maxing out so this will be interesting… thanks!

  • The next Gauntlet won’t go up until next week as I won’t get a chance this week for the current one. I’ll most likely keep this a bi-weekly series as it gives people more time to try stuff out, myself included.

    Definitely interested in hearing your results.

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