Herald of Khorne PIP #2

Herald of Khorne: Paint in Progress #1

With the release of the Khorne Daemonkin codex, I have a need for some daemonic HQs. I never really built up my Daemons much when I used them as an ally since that was an infrequent occurrence. My first buy was to go for a Herald of Khorne. Yes, not a Blood Thirster but the the lowly Herald. I picked up the Skullcrushers of Khorne because I love the models and it will visually set my Herald apart from Bloodcrushers, should I ever get any. It also gives me three models to work with, be it another Herald, putting another Lord on a Juggernaut, etc. I like having options open.

In case you weren’t sure what Skullcrushers looked like since my rider isn’t assembled yet.

Last month I attended a painting clinic with Todd Swanson and Kirill Zhilkov. Something I learned was that I enjoy blending. I’ve done it here and there on things, a power sword, some glow effect, but I usually found the process a bit aggravating. At the painting clinic I learned a few things that made the process a whole lot less annoying and much more enjoyable. With that knowledge and new found enthusiasm I set out to tackle the Herald.

I still have a ways to go with this but I feel comfortable taking shots at this point. Pardon the glare on some of these. I set the lighting up quickly and not ideally. Anyway, it now finally looking like something and less like a patchwork mess. I only have this one side as far along as you see and I won’t tell you how long it’s taken me just to do half the red. Oh, I haven’t touched the head yet, so not even half the red…

Being the first time I’m going blending on such a scale, I don’t expect perfection. Todd Swanson, in the painting clinic, told us when we were blending the shin that he would normally spend 4 hours on it. Four hours on a shin of a single model. I’m not aiming to win any Golden Daemons but I do want to expand my painting repertoire and just try something different. This process is definitely getting easier the more I do it so after a few more models I’m sure I can do this in half the time.

This looking like a noble first attempt at large-scale blending? Thoughts, comments and suggestions welcomed.

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Herald of Khorne: Paint in Progress #1
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