Herald of Khorne PIP #2

Herald of Khorne: Paint in Progress #1

With the release of the Khorne Daemonkin codex, I have a need for some daemonic HQs. I never really built up my Daemons much when I used them as an ally since that was an infrequent occurrence. My first buy was to go for a Herald of Khorne. Yes, not a Blood Thirster but the the lowly Herald. I picked up the Skullcrushers of Khorne because I love the models and it will visually set my Herald apart from Bloodcrushers, should I ever get any. It also gives me three models to work with, be it another Herald, putting another Lord on a Juggernaut, etc. I like having options open.

In case you weren’t sure what Skullcrushers looked like since my rider isn’t assembled yet.

Last month I attended a painting clinic with Todd Swanson and Kirill Zhilkov. Something I learned was that I enjoy blending. I’ve done it here and there on things, a power sword, some glow effect, but I usually found the process a bit aggravating. At the painting clinic I learned a few things that made the process a whole lot less annoying and much more enjoyable. With that knowledge and new found enthusiasm I set out to tackle the Herald.

I still have a ways to go with this but I feel comfortable taking shots at this point. Pardon the glare on some of these. I set the lighting up quickly and not ideally. Anyway, it now finally looking like something and less like a patchwork mess. I only have this one side as far along as you see and I won’t tell you how long it’s taken me just to do half the red. Oh, I haven’t touched the head yet, so not even half the red…

Being the first time I’m going blending on such a scale, I don’t expect perfection. Todd Swanson, in the painting clinic, told us when we were blending the shin that he would normally spend 4 hours on it. Four hours on a shin of a single model. I’m not aiming to win any Golden Daemons but I do want to expand my painting repertoire and just try something different. This process is definitely getting easier the more I do it so after a few more models I’m sure I can do this in half the time.

This looking like a noble first attempt at large-scale blending? Thoughts, comments and suggestions welcomed.

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Eeek, 4 hours! I would never get anything finished :D

Be interesting to see what It looks like when finished. It is a little hard to see the blends so well at the mo (viewing on my phone too which prob does my help things)


Comparing those juggernauts to the original ones is pretty stunning. They display some movement for starters!

Regarding the blending I think four hours is extreme but I like the look you have so far. I struggle with lighting stuff myself and even posted my attempts at a lightbox. It seems so easy to photograph minis!


Looks great thus far. I think the blending will be much more apparent when you get the brass on there.


Looking great Thor! I especially love that stance..its just full of power and really denotes the type of mass and solidness the model has. Can’t wait to see all your stages of paint take place!