Herald of Khorne Painting #2-3

Herald of Khorne: Painting #2

I have not worked on this model in a bit over four weeks but it’s time to get back to painting my Herald of Khorne and making progress on my army.

This is a small update to show where I left off, which is further along than my first progress post. So, to show you all what I managed before my extended painting break, and to motivate myself, here he is so far.

I think I managed to get the lighting better this time to avoid washing out the blending. I can’t seem to stop the reflection in spots 100% though despite filtering the light.

At this stage the reds are done. That’s not to say I won’t go back in and mess with it here and there, but I’m calling the red done. Actually, I have to finish some scratches and highlights. The boltgun/gunmetal areas should be done at this point also, barring cleanup and touch-ups. The bronze is base coated, shaded and time to give it the TMM effect (true metallic metal).¬† Some of the black skin is done in spots but I have to go through and make sure I got it all. Then to get those details done, etc, etc, etc.

With the red done the rest should go relatively quickly. It’s still going to take a while but with the bulk of the hard work done I should be able to sit back and enjoy what’s left.

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Herald of Khorne: Painting #2
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