Herald of Khorne Painting #2-3

Herald of Khorne: Painting #2

I have not worked on this model in a bit over four weeks but it’s time to get back to painting my Herald of Khorne and making progress on my army.

This is a small update to show where I left off, which is further along than my first progress post. So, to show you all what I managed before my extended painting break, and to motivate myself, here he is so far.

I think I managed to get the lighting better this time to avoid washing out the blending. I can’t seem to stop the reflection in spots 100% though despite filtering the light.

At this stage the reds are done. That’s not to say I won’t go back in and mess with it here and there, but I’m calling the red done. Actually, I have to finish some scratches and highlights. The boltgun/gunmetal areas should be done at this point also, barring cleanup and touch-ups. The bronze is base coated, shaded and time to give it the TMM effect (true metallic metal).  Some of the black skin is done in spots but I have to go through and make sure I got it all. Then to get those details done, etc, etc, etc.

With the red done the rest should go relatively quickly. It’s still going to take a while but with the bulk of the hard work done I should be able to sit back and enjoy what’s left.

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Really starting to come together there man. I am just jealous that model is only for Khorne. Looking forward to seeing the full thing done.


Nice one! The jugger is a brutal looking model. Are you keeping the hooves black?


Looking great Thor. One day you are going to see some chaos on my blog…on that day, you can know it was due in part to your constant awesome articles on painting your wicked cool models :)