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Hobby: Tankbustas WIP

This month my FLGS is hosting a large 40K tournament and I decided to bring my Orks for it. The only thing I need to get done on the hobby front for them is two Tankbustas with tankhammers. It’s a conversion I’ve needed to do for a while now but with my Orks having been relegated to the shelf lately, well I haven’t had much of a need to accomplish it until now.

I wanted to do a simple conversion for them. No need to get all elaborate for Orks! The aim was to look like Tankbustas without too many frills but not the lame ones GW created. God I think the GW ones look terrible. Anyway, here’s some shots of them in progress, about 95% complete.

I just took choppas and cut off the head. Using a styrene rod for the missile shaft I then added a green stuff warhead. I used some thin plasticard for the missile fins. The last thing I did was to green stuff a metal band to hold the missile to the shaft and I’ll need to add in some bolts to that once it dries. I did also green stuff some handles for the Land Speeder door shield the left one has. Since I took these shots I did add a missile backpack to the right Tankbusta.

Once I get the bolts on the tankhammer I’ll be moving on to priming and painting. They’ll be painted the same as the rest of my warband, Sunz’s Killaz, which is the colors you see in the lead-in image. Hopefully the painting will begin this week and be done during the weekend, which will give me time to work on some Chaos painting I need to finish up for the painting competition for this same tournament. Ug, deadlines.

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Those rockets look a little…penile? Maybe a pointed cone would be better, or at least the detonation striker like on the Marine missile packs (which seems to be a 100% fabricated device).

Warhammer 39,999

I’m with therhino on this.  It was my initial thought, but after thinking it over, I wasn’t going to say anything.  Then I noticed I wasn’t the only one…