House of Paincakes: I’m Famous!

I’ve made it and am now going to be famous! Yep. I’m writing articles over at House of Paincakes. My life is now complete!

House of PaincakesFor those unfamiliar, House of Paincakes is a multi-author blog that started as, and remains today, a platform for promoting other bloggers – a blog network. If you have a blog then head over and they will link you up. Also, unlike a certain other large blog, this one doesn’t have authors copying and pasting content, rampaging internet trolls and a lack of soul.

Yesterday was my first article over there covering successful blogging. It’s a series that will span an indefinite amount of articles. Either I’ll reach a decided end to the series or people will grow tired of it. We’ll see.

I wanted to branch out and take the opportunity to cover material on HoP that I don’t here. I’m not a fan of copying and pasting content from one blog to another and would rather use it as a chance to try something new. Of course I’ll continue blogging here and doing what I do, fear not. Hopefully I can reach a new audience over there, spread my wings a bit and hopefully gain some new readers here.

  • Awesome. Read your first post and really looking forward to this series and your insights :)

    • Thanks.

      It should be fun. I know it’s fun for me to write it but hopefully it’s enjoyable to read. The hard part is taking stuff that can be very technical in nature and making is approachable and not dull.

  • Movin’ on up…to the deeee-luxe apartment in the skyyyyy!

    • Wonder how many will get that reference…

      • lol, probably not many. I amuse only myself most of the time.

        • As long as you’re amused that’s all that counts then ;)

          • Sin Synn

            I always thought it was wacked that they were from the East Side, being a West Side guy myself.

  • Excellent!

  • BenitoSenence

    Congratulations, its always a great feeling to have what you love be appreciated by others and promoted

    • Thanks.

      I’m definitely not famous, was just having fun, but getting your stuff (whatever it is), seen by a larger audience is great.

  • Congrats! HOP is a great place to post off blog subject matter. I like to use it for raging and such :).

    • Thanks.

      Yeah, I tend to kick back more over there and let me profane nature come through.

    • Sin Synn

      Looking forward to yer next ‘SinSynn is a big old dummy’ post(s)!

  • Warren Falconer

    This article makes me very hungry for breakfast.

    • Sounds like it’s a day for brinner! (breakfast for dinner)

  • The Warlock

    You left out the bit where disagreements are settled politely and maturely as befits the adults that we are :P

    • Sin Synn

      Don’t mislead the Terrans, bro.
      We’re guests here.
      NOTE: Live human sacrifices, every Sunday night!
      Only at the HoP!

      I’m…gonna get in trouble again, huh?
      I’ll just see myself out. Before I’m hit with a flying purse.

      • No purse here; I’m not Lo :P

    • Oh, guess I haven’t been privy to those arguments or the settlements. Something to look forward to!

  • Bush Craft

    Correction: I do NOT have a soul. Thank you.

    • Souls are vastly overrated.

  • Congrats on branching out! Using the two blogs as a chance to explore different aspects is a great idea. That’s much better than copy-pasting your articles; why read this one if we can read all the same articles plus others at HOP? Just as importantly it allows you to maintain a tighter focus here while still giving you an outlet to post on a broader range of topics. Well played!

    • Thanks.

      That is the hard part though, the branching out. I have this series idea that I’m doing now but beyond that I’ve not a clue what to write over there…

      • Write about your thought process on how you come up with your character backstories.

        • That’s an idea. The thing though is that’s something that would be cool here too and inline with what I do here, though editorials like that here have been lacking.

  • Looking forward to your posts, I’ve really been digging into improving my blogging both on the hobby and professional sides so this is great timing.

    • Good to hear. I figured HoP would be a good place to do these seeing as many readers are also bloggers.

  • JD Brink

    Congrats on expanding your corrupting influence!

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