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I’ve blogged over at House of Paincakes for a bit. I started off with a successful blogging series that wasn’t exactly a hit. It happens. I was writing material for the wrong demographic. Instead of trying to force the square peg into the round hole, I knew I needed to find a new topic. I think I may have finally found that…I hope.

I started a new series over at HoP called “The Mind of Thor”. The idea is pretty simple and just what it sounds like. The goal is to delve into my thought process on things regarding gaming – 40K really. The first article that started this, and only so far, is about my love of Warhammer 40K. It’s an insight into why I really enjoy the game and why it’s the only game I play.

The series may turn out to be a swing and a miss but time will tell.

  • I always find it a bit crazy that you blog over at hop, and have your own blog. That is double blog action.

    • I don’t blog there a ton. I go through spurts with it. It’s worth it though. It gets me in front of a different audience which is good. It lets me try out different stuff, helps HoP out (hopefully), and also helps my blog out here.

  • Why do you think your blogging articles were not successful? They seemed to generate some good comments, and I for one found them very helpful.

    It is good you have found something you are comfortable blogging about, although I echo Greg’s sentiment about the double blog action :D

    • Initially they got comments when it was more editorial but once I dove into technicalities it just went dead. I think most of the readers/bloggers are more casual and want to toss up an article and call it a day. I was diving into some heavy stuff aimed more at the budding professional, or at least someone wanting a bit more out of their blog and it just wasn’t a match for the crowd.

      • Ah fair enough. I for one enjoyed the more techical posts, although using blogger does limit one as to what one can change. It did get me thinking about post titles and SEO and stuff though. Maybe port the articles over to this blog?

        • I thought about copying them over but I figure it will just be more of the same. Most of my readers come for the pretty pictures, battle reports and the occasional editorial. It’s all good though. If a few people gained some insights, like yourself, then I’m happy with it.

      • Tyler Provick

        I think this is just a thing that happens with technical posts. I think every post type could be given a comment percentage, like 2% of people who read technical or tutorial posts will reply, while 20% of people will comment on a controversial opinion.

        Ugh, now I’m thinking about how few comments I get on my blog and getting depressed.

        • Unless of course your blog is technical in nature and that’s the crowd you draw, but in this case it definitely wasn’t.

          Type of post is definitely a factor though. I could put a percentage on it if I really wanted, the data is there, but for me I find hobby picture posts do the best. It’s simple, has pretty pictures (which everyone enjoys), and is generally a short quick read. However, hitting up a controversial topic is a great one too. It rarely happens here but the rare times it has those articles have done well.

          • I guess I’m pretty much you average reader in that concern. Sure, it was interesting and informative reads but the more technical aspect of blogging … it’s not where I’m at (and maybe not were I want to be either). The more professional your blog is, the higher the pressure is to maintain that level. It comes with a certain amount of responsibility. Just a few months into blogging, I can already see patterns regarding the traffic different posts generates. You want to generate random seach engine hits – just make a post called Obliterator Conversion.

            I guess I picked up a thing or two regardless.

            • I think that’s exactly how must were regarding that series and there’s nothing wrong with that. This is what I do for a living, not blogging but I’m a programmer who also does SEO work. As such I treat this blog very professionally all around. I’m always trying to find a way to leverage more traffic, more comments, more everything; it’s my nature.

              It’s amazing what posts get a ton of traffic. Obliterator conversion I can easily so since so few like the GW ones. I have a post from when 7th was hitting that shows the, at the time, new force organizational structure. That post gets so many hits from search engines. It’s also what really die-hard SEO fanatics do though, keyword research and then write articles on what they find. Not in the wargaming scene necessarily, just in general. I’d rather write about what I want and make sure it does well for SEO then find what is doing well in SEO and then write about it. The latter is what those trying to make a living off blogging do and I certainly am not trying to.

  • I enjoyed your blogging articles. I learned a lot reading them. Thanks for sharing your knowledge about SEO, etc …

    • Gladly. Those articles may not have generated a lot of traffic or comments but a few of you learned from them so it was a success regardless.

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