Huron Blackheart: Paint in Progress #2

I’ve finally made some significant progress on my counts-as Huron Blackheart. First up, pics.

I’m really happy with how this is coming together. The skin was a mistake but one that I’m glad I made because I really like the result. I started that out as Bleached Bone (Vallejo), and then washed it with Crimsonburg Crimson. That was going to be the end of it but the wash was really streaky so I highlighted in Bleached Bone and washed it again with Crimson. That was better but then I used the yellow glaze on it, two coats, and ended up with what you see. I think it’s my favorite part on Huron right now. I need to come up with a name for this guy…

That power axe was a huge pain in my ass. I can get impatient at times when I’m painting. I start getting into a groove, making great progress, and then I have a hard time waiting for things. I kept screwing up the lighting on the axe blade with my impatience but I think the end result looks good.

This is the second time I’ve used the GW Medium to work with lighting and I’m getting better with it, when I’m patient at least, which I was on the lightning claw. I start off painting the item I want to glow white and then use the glaze (medium + color), to wash it and build it up. I mix it as a 3-1 ratio (medium to paint), with the glow color (Warlock Purple in this case – Vallejo), and just do progressive layers with it and blend it into the previous layers. I do the same for the glow around it on the armor. It takes some practice and I’m still learning but I think the end result looks pretty good. Not as clean and precise as an airbrush but I like it.

Now that the hard parts are done I just have the backpack left and then wrap up the base. I should hopefully be done this week, or weekend depending on that thing called real life, but either way he’ll be done with time to spare for the tournament on Nov. 8th.

How often do you make mistakes with painting that work out better than your original plan?

  • The nice thing about power weapons, is you don’t have to spend a lot of time worrying about the highlights. If you do mess up a bit, just run with it, and it tends to look like power flying around the blade, arcing and such!

    Face looks great. At first I thought it looked a bit too healthy, but clicking on the images makes him look a bit possessed and crazy! perfect :).

    I’d look for a way to add some purple on the skulls on his shoulder. It would create a nice triangle shape with his face in the center. (between the power weapons and the skull).

    Attached a list test for you.

    • Thanks.

      As long as I remain patient when doing power weapons and blending it’s pretty easy overall. It when I get impatient and start the next layer too soon, and screw up the underlying layer, that it’s problematic. One day I’ll learn…

      Interesting idea on the skulls. I’d have never thought to create an eye glow on them but you’re right, it would look pretty cool. Thanks for the tip!

      • I can’t take full credit for it. It’s something that misterjustin said when I was “cheating” and listening to his masterclass at Nova. (I was picking up my mini and he happened to be teaching about paint judging at the same time).

        He was talking about how important it is to create movement in the mini, and at the center of the movement, have the thing you want to showcase (almost always the face).

        Your pose has created two points in a triangle, and the ledge of the modeled skull creates a tip which places the head almost directly in the center. It’s an excellent point to create movement which showcases your work on the face!

        • I completely agree and it’s something I try to do. My plan was to do the skulls themselves as a washed out bleach bone. It will be a similar color tone to the face but a bit lighter. That will help keep the focus to his face. The glowing eyes will be a nice touch to that.

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