Huron: Pose #1-1

Counts-as Huron Blackheart: Ready for Paint

I have wrapped up the sculpting and converting on my counts-as Huron Blackheart model so it’s time to move on to painting. However, I do have a question for you all. Everything is magnetized on this model but I’m curious to know which of the poses you prefer. Even though it’s magnetized and I could change up the pose at will, I shade and highlight based on a pose I determine and that’s the pose the model takes. So, I’m trying to determine which pose I prefer for when I start putting paint on him.

Pose #1

Pose #2

The only difference is the position of the power axe. That lightning claw arm looks odd in any other position; it’s just sculpted to be raised up like that. I have my preference on the pose but I’d like to hear yours :)

Pose aside, you’ll see I wrapped up the tabard from the last update. I’m pretty happy with how it came out. I know I could do better with some more practice but it’s not bad so I’m not going to scrap it just to try again. For a first attempt I’m pretty pleased.

Which pose do you prefer?

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Spectre Senence

I like the second pose, nice job. Looks great


Pose #2: His legs are moving forward, as if he is running towards a target to eviscerate. With both arms in the air, it kinda of looks like he is joining the bureau of silly walks.

Tabard looks great!


Second pose. It’s more balanced. The first, with both arms in the air, looks like he’s doing a Superman leap. Because of the way the arms are lined up, it doesn’t look like he’ll be ready to land a hit with either when he arrives. The second pose looks like he could land safely, balanced for a hit with the claw.