Thor’s Workbench: Karanak (PIP #2)

Last night I pretty much wrapped this model up, my counts-as Karanak. All that’s left to do is the basing. I’ll give it another look through before sealing it but I think he’s done.

I think he came out well and considering how quick I was able to get it done, I’m happy.

  • TheRhino

    Nice work.
    How do you plant o integrate that broccoli base with the bike base? Just a gradual slope of Greenstuff?
    This project made me think. How cool would it be to see a force of Khorne dogs go up a force of Fenrisian Wolves?

    • Thanks.

      lol @ broccoli base. I’ll use the sand I put down and then the snow on top of that to blend it in.

      Those poor Fenrisian Wolves wouldn’t stand a chance, though it is a cool visual.

      • TheRhino

        That’s the actual term people use for the integrated bases you find on old Ral Partha and Reaper models. lol.
        To make that fight really interesting, you have to use a couple Unbound armies. Space Wolves with a Wolf Lord on Thunderwolf, plus one or more characters on a wolf (I forget which ones can take them), a few units of Thunderwolf Cav, and bunches of Fenrisian Wolves. Then you match them up against a CSM Lord on Juggernaut, or a Khorne Herald on the same, come Bloodcrushers, and Khorne Hounds.

        • Wolf Lords, Wolf Guard Battle Leaders, and Canis Wolfborn can take a Thunderwolf mount and up to two Fenrisian Wolves. Iron Priests can take a Thuderwolf mount and up to 4 cyberwolves. It would be an interesting match.

          • TheRhino

            That is a unit I’d love to see, the Iron Priest on Thunderwolf with Cyberwolves.

      • Wolves and Hounds have the same strength, toughness, initiative,
        attacks, and save. Hounds are +1 WS and +1 wound with Furious Charge,
        Wolves have Counterattack. On a model by model basis the Hounds are
        definitely superior, but they are exactly twice the points as the
        Wolves. So point for point the wolves will bring twice as many attacks,
        landing 50% more hits than the Hounds if you don’t factor in the charge. The Hounds have the edge only if they charge and the wolves don’t get Counterattack. Even with Furious Assault the Wolves have the edge if they get off Counterattack, they’ll throw so many attacks that they’ll average 15% more wounds. If the Wolves get the charge they will score more than twice as many wounds on average.

        Where the Hounds have the real advantage is that Wolves can’t hold objectives.

        • I did some re-calculating on the hounds vs. wolves combat to include two more factors. First of all, the hounds have a 5++ for being demons so they’ll resist more wounds. The second new factor is that in 7th edition counterattack is automatic, no leadership test required. The improved save helps the hounds a bit but now that counterattack always happens the wolves will always have an edge in combat. If the hounds charge the wolves will average 17% more unsaved wounds, if the wolves charge they average 58% more wounds.

          • You also need to factor in Fear checks. The Wolves are not fearless, do not have ATSKNF, and thus need to make that LD check for Fear each round of combat against Hounds. They fail it and they are WS1, thus needing 5’s to hit Hounds. Considering the average roll on 2D6 is a 7, they will be failing a fair amount of them…though I can’t be bothered to work out the exact numbers :P

            • Good call, with a Ld 5 the wolves will only pass 27.8% of the time. If the hounds charge and the wolves fail the fear check, the hounds will average 20% more unsaved wounds against the wolves. If the wolves charge and fail the fear check they will still average 38% more unsaved wounds against the hounds.

              If neither side is charging the wolves average 38% more unsaved wounds inflicted or 6% more if they fail the fear check.

              • And what we have learned today boys and girls? That if Todd puts forth a cool thematic fight between units that someone will mathhammer it out! ;)

                • :P
                  I am merely trying to point out that the poor wolves actually stand a pretty good chance! A wolf themed list vs a hound themed list would be a solid match up, not just a cool visual.

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