Multimeltas and other details for scratch built Leman Russ

Hello all,

Last week I added heavy bolters to my first Leman Russ.  This week I made up some multi meltas to go with the hull mounted lascannon on my second Leman Russ.  I started with two pieces of tube and wrapped paper around one end of each to create the barrel shrouds.  I chose some square tube that is large enough for the two barrels to fit into and added some side plates to fill the rest of the square tube and center the barrels.  I built up a back plate thick enough to sink the magnet into then did some filing and filling.  They aren’t as detailed as the GW multimeltas but they have a similar length and profile.  For most players I think they will be recognizable in this context.


Russ Sponsons 6-23-14

With these done both of my Leman Russ Exterminators are armed appropriately.  Next I have a lot of details to add before I repaint these.  They both need more rivets and some orky repairs/modifications.  I added an accessory mount to both turrets and started bulking them out a bit.

Russ Sponsons 6-23-14 (1)

Here’s a shot of the two of them looking ready to sow fear and destruction.  There’s still a fair amount of work to do but they’re coming along nicely.

Russ Sponsons 6-23-14 (2)

Thanks for checking out my progress on these.  As always, comments are suggestions are welcome.

Update: I’ve got a painting gallery setup for the Leman Russes.

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They look the part for sure. These tanks look great with all the guns on there now. Be great to see them all fully painted next.