Mission: King of the Hill v4.1.0

King of the HillHere’s the last mission needing update for 6th edition. A cleaner version for downloading and printing can be found here.

Sorry for puking out so many missions lately but I was way behind on getting these all updated and it had to be done.

King of the Hill v4.1.0

Primary (15pts) – Place one objective in the center of the table. Use the standard objective rules (pg. 123).

Secondary (10pts) – King’s Guard (see below)

Tertiary (5pts) – Capture table quarters (see below)

Quaternary (+1pt) – Every enemy troop unit destroyed or fleeing at the end of the game.

King’s Guard
Nominate two of your units as the King’s Guard. These units cannot be anything that uses an HQ slot (so Command Squads and the like are valid), an Independent Character, or a vehicle of any type. Additionally, the chosen unit must remain as a single unit. Meaning, you could not select Wolf Guard and then break them up into other squads. The player who destroys both of the enemy’s King’s Guard wins this mission.

Table Quarters
To claim a table quarter you must have a scoring unit wholly in a quarter with no enemy units in the quarter. A unit holding the center objective can choose to hold that objective or a table quarter they are in, not both.

* All objectives are completely impassable. They cannot be moved upon by anything whatsoever, no exceptions.

** If a mission is tied or neither player achieve it, with the exception of the quaternary, then both players split the points for that mission rounding up. Also, If you table your opponent (destroy his/her entire army), then you may use the remaining turns, if there are any left, to achieve the missions. Tabling your opponent is not an automatic win, you still need to accomplish the missions.

Vanguard Strike (pg. 119)

Game Length
Standard game length (pg. 122), or time, whichever comes first.

Special Rules
Night Fighting (pg. 124), Reserves (pg. 124)

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