#MonsterMarch2 Part #3

Monster March 2 – Nearing Completion (Part #3)

Kingdom Death Monster – Bird of paradise Phoenix

Paints Used

Undercoat: white

Yellow: P3 cyngas yellow, washed with Vallejo yellow ink.

Brown: GW mournfang brown Drybrush Gw Doombull brown, Washed with GW agrax earthshade

Blue: P3 trollblood base, GW dark reaper, washed with Vallejo Blue ink.

Talons: Black, Edges highlighted with GW Kantor blue

Green: P3 iosan Green

Tree: P3 umbral umber over black basecoat, washed with GW agrax earthshade.

Flock: Gale force nine hobby round Dark conifer flock blend

Kingdom Death Monster – Lion God

In the first fight my group had against him since I painted him he decided to kill one of our survivors. And one of our group said that with him painted it was far more disturbing to observe. Well Kingdom Death Monster is marketed as a boutique nightmare horror, so I have succeeded in producing that – bonus.

I also have to give a big thanks to a friend of mine who made me play resident evil 5 with him. The lickers in that game inspired the colour scheme if I am honest.

He does need a little bit more work but I am happy so far.

Paints Used

Red: GW wazdakka red Painted with gloss varnish afterwards

Lines: P3 Umbral umber

Fur: P3 Khardic flesh

Face and parasite: P3 Midlund flesh.

Veins on parasite: P3 Beaten Purple.

Fur: washed with GW Reikland fleshshade, parasite washed with GW druchi violet.

GW baneblade brown used on base, lanterns all painted GW Leadbelcher, Washed with GW agrax earthshade.

Yellow glow on lanturns: GW zamesi desert, P3 cyngas yellow.


Story excerpt (The farseer continues his tale)

Awakening in the webway, the Wanderer could no longer remember his home but was infused with a earning to return there. Standing tall the heavily scarred construct began to walk.

The final part of this story will be included with the next post.

Work continues on this guy.

The Vallejo Orange Fire paint is complemented by the GW Dark reaper underlayer and GW skavenblight joints.

Since taking these images I have started working on the weapons and getting the last of the base scheme completed. This needs to be done before I can add the battle damage and calcified wraithbone effects to the model.

I should be able to get this model completed as I still have a week of march left to complete his paint job.

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Nice progress all around.

Looks like the washes helped out. Next, we gotta work on your picture setup so they don’t get washed out ;)

That Lion God is very cool. I’m digging the stripes you’re putting on there.

stats DGDWH

I agree with Thor if I’ve understood well, I’m not in word puns!
As a very terrible -and annoyed by photography- photographer, with only a light grey background, and a light, you can improve your minis’ display (that’s what I did: Thor makes beautiful pics so he can advice you better).

Kenneth Raymond

I know my inconsistent pictures are an issue. I will try to get a better location for photographing minis. (I’m in my painting/game area which isn’t the best place for taking pics. I need to dig out and repair my lightbox.)

Kenneth Raymond

I know I need to work on this. I had a light box somewhere but the light was busted when I last went to use it. I’ll go and dig it out and then fix it before I take the final pics.


All good. I only bother with proper setup for final shots as well.


Looking very well. In particular the Wraithseer. Fair play to you working on three at once.

Kenneth Raymond

Thanks Rory, I find playing games with painted models adds to the experience and with the amount of KDM my gaming group is playing I have been going flat out trying to get the core box painted [Two monsters and eleven survivors to go]. (Not to mention the expansions I ordered during the KS which should be delivered this month.)
It’s been fun working on three vastly different colour schemes and models.

stats DGDWH

The parasite on the lion is awesome and disturbing as the lion itself, well done.
You’re making me want to paint those monsters.

Kenneth Raymond

Thanks stats, that’s what I was going for when I painted him up.


Good progress, they are coming along nicely :)
I have yet to play kingdom death, but some of the minis are lovely

Kenneth Raymond

Thanks NafNaf,
KDM is a lot of fun to play but it is one of the most expensive board games currently on the market. The quality of the models is excellent though.