My Angry Face: Grey Knights

Angry Face - Grey KnightsLately there has been a hate wagon rolling thru the internetz and game stores alike. People bitter and outraged over the Grey Knights. “Grey Knights have broke the game…” “Only WAACs and crapy players play Grey Knights.” Well world you get my angry face.

I love the Grey Knight codex and for those of you to blind to see all the good it brings to the game I am here to spell it out for you.

– Great for new players. A new player can get in to the game for less than $200 and have a competitive list.

– Great for new players. There are at least 3 very easy to play yet competitive builds that I can think of off the top of my head.

I have no problem with new players or inexperienced players throwing down the Grey Knight auto win internet lists. Frankly I do not enjoy steamrolling baby seals. Also I have seen plenty of players come into the game pick up some cool looking minis and leave the game because they did not have any fun getting curb stomped.

Next, versatile. You get two armies in one codex. I love this. I am always looking for a bargain.

Varying skill levels. I do not run 4+ TL Auto Cannon carrying Dreads. Backed by 40,000 Death Cult Assassins. I also do not cram as many Psycannons as I can or launch the Draigo wing. My lists are semi optimized filled with parlor tricks. My designs are built to make fun games that end close.

So if you just had to drop Grey Knights because it wasnt “fun” anymore and then cry on BOLS or Dakka about it I might ask does it really matter which codex you play? You will just dig out the most optimized units and deliver the same result.

So angry face to you world.

  • haha! Someone have a bad day at work yesterday? Good points though.

    • Anonymous

      Thank you 

  • Spectre Senence

    I wanted to jump on this angry band wagon to an extent, more or less agreeing with the so called “broken/net” lists that has hate against it. Since I have been playing 3rd edition it’s what everyone in this hobby has experienced. It shocks me in truth to see people not understand that they would play a gamer with a list with that type of label. With tournaments set for winning, and the models expensive why be angry with a player building and learning to make a “deadly” force able to ruin all before them. They want to win, it’s fun to win [most times] it isn’t fun to lose [most times]. It’s a game with a winner and loser but as a military game you build a force to be powerful and versatile not one that takes mass amounts of casualties and doesn’t do anything. GK are very well design but during this tournament the two games I won with my partner was against those GK, Draigo was in one of them. I also play them and agree again that the different lists that you can build is refreshing and as Stealth states playable. Don’t hate; understand and not only will you be a better gamer but you will understand the flaws that armies get designed with besides with 6th edition on the horizen the next set of codexes are sure to sport some awesome builds that will be as equally playable and “deadly” and leave the GK as old and need of revising, The cycle of life with GW.

  • hippie

    Nice article Stealthy.  It’s kinda funny how the web is all hate on GK’s, and yet EVERYWHERE there is defense of razorspam boring lists.  IDK but maybe the guys all playing razorwolves are getting curb stomped and just can’t handle it or adapt to it.  They need a new EASY button from Staples I guess.

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