NEW Army Itch

New Army Itch

NEW Army Itch
NEW Army Itch

It’s that wonderful autumn-winter Season here in the High Desert of Reno/Sparks, Nevada – the cool windy center of WOLFBROTHER Territory.  Many of our brothers attack the snow covered mountains of the High Sierra with sadistic glee. Some lick their wounds from the last brutal local tournament and prepare for the next, and others get ready for the last murdermake of 2012 down the mountains into California.  The great chill of winter is almost set in, and everyone has big plans for the great 40k off season.

Northern Nevada Warhammer40k Club

The Wolfbrothers are a rowdy pack of HARDCORE 40k fanatics from Northern Nevada and beyond. We love Warhammer 40k and everything about Warhammer 40k.  Our club includes everyone from full on fluff bunnies to absolute win at all costs competitive gamers.  Most of our Generals are a healthy mixture of the two contained in a rippling mass of hairy 40k-frenzied Wolfbrother awesomeness.  I am Douglas of Wolfbrothers, and through pure brute force am the so-called Leader of this Pack. Everyone everywhere is building new armies. I have even built more than a few new armies for other people recently – and I want a new army too!

plague marines
New Army… for someone else!

Where to Start

The obvious first places to look at are the most recent Codex.  Although “everyone” got a significant update with Sixth Edition, the Chaos Space Marines are brand new shiny! After careful review the Codex has great amounts of options and limitations like all the others of course. Some of the models are bad ass must haves for painting and even modeling opportunities.  Competitiveness in the current environment has plenty of stuff I love and hate. Access to Forge World and allies is another consideration that bears fruit. So CSM are the obvious starting point and first choice for many reasons.

chaos space marines
Obvious First Choice?

The New Army Itch really started as I began to build my good friend and battle-brother’s newest army, the 444th Baal Planetary Suppression Force – an Imperial Guard army with three, or more, of everything awesome and killy. Later the bug was unleashed in full force with the Demons update that brought Flamers and Screamers to the tabletops everywhere immediately. Leading up to my first GT years ago I practiced endlessly vs a Tzeentch Daemon list played expertly by Wolfbrothers founder General Jeff, and man o’ man would I love to drop flamers on people all day long.  Alas it turns out that at least for now I don’t like much else Chaos: Demons, so we wait on that prospect – probably.

Other Cool Stuff

Evil Robots? How about Good-guy Robots? Imperial Necrons yes! I think that there are at least one thousand reasons to play Imperial Necrons. The modeling opportunities alone would be worth it. Codex Necrons is new enough and currently even gets the competitive cheese cross hairs tossed on it for CronAir goodness. CSM, GK, Blood Angel, and Ork allies oh my! My Immotek/Overlord would be modeled and painted as an Imperial Ordos Malleus Inquisitor.  I will even craft and bring a little story book with me to tournaments and laugh evilly as the crowd swoons and the anti-fluff fluff-bunnies go crazy and meltdown. True Imperial/Necron evil fun right there and almost worth the new army all itself.

Evil Robots
Imperial Necrons???

Custom Space Marines would be fun and maybe ideal. A small enough force to start with and a good excuse to snatch some IG allies and Forge World goodies.  I want to paint and play with things like Vindicators, Stormravens, Storm Talons anyways, so maybe even Blood Angels. They could even be something worse – they could be all of it: Black Legion, Renegade Chapter, just make up the fluff as you go badness. Terminators, bikes, you name it. With the right paint and a bunny-proof-vest it could be an Army that could be used as Imperial Space Marines, Blood Angels, Dark Angels or Chaos Space Marines.  I would even model a few with white cowboy hats for extra umph.

Looking Ahead

Although those options Sound Great, the next year should bring some other options around. Besides the looming Dark Angels, like many others I am hoping to see Eldar and Tau sooner rather than later. Like the Chaos Space Marines and Codex Marines they should bring tasty stuffs to the table and even neat Forge World options and access to Imperial Guard allies. But they are so far away and not set in stone. So far they are almost impossible to consider as cures to the new army itch.

Codex Please

From isolated fluff bunny to hardcore WAAC player you (and me) are probably going to at least want access to Imperial Guard allies at one level or another. Maybe the place to start at least for now is somewhere in the middle. I already have several Aegis Defense Lines and a Bastion perhaps the next step is an Imperial Guard platoon of whatever sort.  A way to straddle the fence for a little longer but still get my teeth into something new.

ig platoon
Is it time to build some IG?

What Are You Working On?

I asked all around the internets about preparation for your next GT. People shouted back from all directions, “Sabre Gun Platforms!”

At our Local “No-Holds-Barred 6e” 1750pt Tournament last weekend we saw IG Elysian, Eldar Corsair, and Tau Forgeworld lists throwing murder down on the tabletops. What are you building? What are you working on through the off season to offer up fresh murder next year?

its time
Come At Me Bro


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New Army Itch
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