Oi! Dere’s da git!

Well, it’s only been about a month since Thor introduced me and already I’m adding my own post!  How’s that for efficient!

I’ll start out by letting you know a little about me.  I’m a thirty-something engineer with a wife and two daughters.  I don’t get to put quite as much time into my hobbies as I once did but things aren’t all bad.  In my time I have played a lot of paper RPGs, LARP, and several GW games.  I started playing 40k in 1991 with Rogue Trader and it’s always been my favorite.  My obsession continued until 3rd edition was released.  I didn’t have a problem with the 3rd ed rules, I never even tried them, but it was a convenient time in my life to set the hobby aside and focus on finishing school.  A wife, one kid, new job, new house later and I was feeling ready to get back into things.  It just so happened that 4th ed was released within weeks of making the decision to leap back into the warp so that’s where I came back in.  Sorry 3rd ed, nothing personal.

I’ve played Marines, Eldar, Orks, Battle Sisters/Witch Hunters, Genestealer Cult, and Tyranid Armies.  I also own six Necromunda gangs (many of whom have served tours of duty as cultists or guardsmen.)  I tend to play primarily Eldar and Orks.  The Eldar are fun to play, but it’s never long before I find myself wanting to bash together something new for my Orks.

I may occasionally post my thoughts on tactics or events I attend.  Most of my content will probably involve updates from my workshop.  I hope you all like pics!

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