Painting: WIP Plague Champion & Magnet Mounter

NurgleThis Plague Champion is the final model in this particular unit and he’s close to completion. Though further from completion are shots of his arms which are magnetized. I took the shots not so much to show the arms as the simple setup I have for the magnetized arms. The ‘arm holder’ is just some scrap stuff glued together with magnets on the end of the T. It’s great for holding the arms to prime, seal, let dry when using washes and to ensure my magnet polarity is always correct.


  • Todd Bolduc

    Neat setup. Do you find the magnets allow the arms to spin at the ends of the T? I mount my magnetized Dreadnought arms on the end of a large bolt (from an old desk I smashed into firewood!) for ease of handling, but some of the metal arms will spin around on the end of the bolt. 

    • Yeah, they do spin. That’s why I didn’t say I paint with the arms on it. I just use it for holding stuff when things are drying or I’m working on something else. I could probably prevent spinning with larger magnets on the holder but then it would be awkward to get some arms to sit on there right.

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