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World Eaters – Looking to the 2013 Standoff

World_Eaters_IconWith the incredibly enjoyable Fratris Salutem in the rear view mirror it is time to start looking into the gaming future to find my next challenge. 40k has taken a bullet to the head in my area so I am generally lucky if I can get in one or two games every 2 to 3 months. In order to satiate this addiction of mine I have to focus heavily on the modeling and painting side of the hobby.  So with a drought of 40k in the area I am turning my efforts towards planning for the next relatively local tournament event the Standish Standoff 2013.

I have been playing the same basic White Scar space marine list since 6th ed kicked off and I am ready to sink my teeth into something different. Slowly but surely the parts for a world eater force of chaos marines and daemons has been coagulating in the office closet and it is time to set them on the world.

When I begin a project with any kind of deadline I tend to approach it how I approach my work. I write software for a living and even though I am drowning in code most days, it seems like 50% of my job is not typing or solving problems but time management.

From my guesstimate there are probably 5 months give or take a few weeks until the SS2013.  So my goals in that time are to build/paint a Chaos Marine / Daemon ally force with swanky display base and to have 2 perhaps 3 models painted up specifically for the Standoffs painting competition (depending on the categories). 5 months seems like a long time, but when considered that the only time available to work on this is “Hobby Time” it becomes painfully apparent that any big horde style army will not be doable.  I estimate that with luck there are 300 man hours available to complete this project, two hours a night for five thirty day months get me to 300 hours. In all reality that is a high estimate but anyway you get the point. So without the time to paint a good looking cultist mob of doom I think going the complete opposite direction with my army is the way to go. A small elite force with big bad creatures to convert and paint up is very eye catching and more importantly new territory for me. I have never really painted up non vehicle model larger than a terminator, so this should be an enjoyable challenge.

This is what I am going with as far as a paint list, it should be able to be easily amended to fit whatever comp score ends up being used at the tournament. I have carefully considered this for conversion opportunities, painting fun, and partially its ability to play a fast game.  I harbor no illusions that this could put up any real fight in the competitive scene.

Blood Thirster – gotta save up so I can get the forge world beauty
Kharn – will be renamed and reskinned just using his rules
Flesh hounds of khorne – juggernauts look way cooler
Chaos Terminators
Khorne Berzerkers
2x blood letters units
Land Raider
Soul Grinder
Winged Khorne Daemon prince

Unit details are subject to change but the model count is going to stay roughly the same, right now it is hovering right around the mid 50s. It should be a fast hard hitting list that I think will be fun to play and more importantly fun to play against, there are some nasty units in there but if I line up against any kind of gun line I figure its toast. I look forward to documenting the process and developing the fluff here on creative twilight. Thanks for reading next week I hope to have some progress made on the Khorne berzerker unit to share.

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World Eaters – Looking to the 2013 Standoff
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