Make Do and Mend – Making a Praetor Missile Launcher Table Ready

Make do and mend – making a knock off praetor armoured assault missile launcher table ready.

A few years ago I was given this:


Which is a very poor quality knock off praetor armoured assault missile launcher. It has sat in my pile of projects since then. I have made a little progress having reformed and built the basic hull. But with no tracks and the need to deal with this thing being a very low priority I have left it in a box and ignored it, until now.

This took an hour of filing cutting and sanding before the missiles would kinda fit into the launcher section.

While making some scenery based around a long dead land raider I had a moment of inspiration and checked to see if my plan would come together.


Yay it fits. But these track sections are too far gone (the land raider suffered the wrath of a player who keeps rolling badly. His Personal best is 18 1’s in a row during a single turn. All terminator armour saves… which was followed by a dice massacre.) and so I ventured onto ebay and acquired these:

These parts, while damaged, still have all of what I require to get the praetor game ready. I need to trim them down and file the interior flat to get them to fit where I want them to and then I need to repair and land raider track links. (whomever built this LR was not the most careful of builders.)

Example showing the required flattening of the track. (You can see some of the damage I need to repair present in this picture.)

I was originally going to make some tracks from plasticard but this plan failed due to the lack of effort I felt this model requires. (that and said track portions would then have had more effort than this whole thing put into them. This way I have the plasticard spare for future projects. )

I still have to file and cut the required sections flat on the second LR track section, use green stuff and some spare LR hatches to repair the damage, repair the missing track links and probably find a way to strengthen the resin (the missile launcher mounting rod has already snapped off once) before I proceed with the painting process.

Once I have made further progress I shall update you. I will show some comparison pictures with a 100% FW version.

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Make Do and Mend – Making a Praetor Missile Launcher Table Ready
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