Rebel Grot quick conversion

Hello all,

Since there are very few actual Rebel Grot models I need to do a lot of conversions to build a full army.  I try to keep most of these simple so that I’ll actually be able to get them all done.  So far I’ve used 2nd ed gretchin with small green-stuff mods, and I’ve used fantasy grots with 40k equipment.  I’ve also used some of Necromunda starter box models as a source of weapons.  Here’s an Orlock ganger.  I’ve used a couple of these to provide lasguns.  The right arm attaches at the shoulder and the left hand is molded onto the gun.

april2013 060

april2013 061

To use these I took the hands off of goblin arms and and lined them up to match at the wrists.  It was a bit of an awkward conversion but it works well enough.  Here’s an example of how it came out.

Rebel Grot IS1e

Grot with autogun/lasgun

Then it occurred to me that I could cut the model at the waist and neck, then add goblin legs and head.  This prevents me from needing to line up the arms (which was a chore) and has the added benefit of adding a torso that can already pass for wearing flak armor.  I’m quite happy with the result:

april2013 062

april2013 063 april2013 064 april2013 065 april2013 066

And here’s a comparison between the original and converted models.  The effective height is about the same which will help the grots play more like guard on the table.

april2013 067

  • S’not bad. I’ve always thought those Orlock models were hideous.

    Now, if you can only come up with a reason to use the Goliaths…

    • Thanks. GW has definitely improved their starter sets since this one!

      I converted most of my Goliaths to Shoota Boyz:

  • That swap did work out pretty well. You have a lot more like that you can do?

    That Goliath swap looks great too, seen it before of course, but that correct posture is just wrong on an Ork :)

    • Thanks. I have a few more of these ones left. There are also some pistol/ccw guys that may work.

      As for the Goliath swap, I figure they’re yoofs who haven’t quite grown out of their childish discipline and developed a proper curve to their spine ;)

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