Rebel Grot Ratling Sniper Conversion Update

Hello all,

As I mentioned in my post on Monday I’ve managed to make some progress on my Rebel Grot counts as Ratling Snipers.  I had made some progress at that point, sculpting some details using green stuff.  Since then I’ve managed to spend a little more time on them.  I’ve finished up the details across their chests so that the guns can be glued into their hands.  I’ve also made scopes for all of their rifles.

Grot Snipers 009 Grot Snipers 010For this one I’ve added a peak to his hood so that the matches the Night Goblin heads.   I also added a bag slung over his shoulder.  I need to re-sculpt the fingers on his left hand and the thumb on his right so that he’ll hold his rifle properly.



Grot Snipers 011 I sculpted a short cape on this one.  I thought I’d taken a picture of his back but I can’t find it now.   I’ll post some better pictures when I get a chance.  His left leg needs to be cleaned up a bit and I have to sculpt new fingers on his right hand.




Grot Snipers 016I finished crawling sniper’s belt before gluing him to his base.  I need to resculpt the fingers of his right hand.  I’ll probably add a couple of pouches to his belt as well.




Grot Snipers 008

Here’s the group shot.  Other than the scopes I haven’t done anything new to the two in the rear so I didn’t take individual shots of them.  The one on the left will receive a hooded cloak.  The one on the right will also receive a short cloak.



That’s where I am right now.  I’m hoping to finish the sculpting work this weekend.  After that I’ll have all of the infantry I need for my Standoff list so I’ll probably start wrapping up the vehicles.  I want to use the airbrush to batch-paint as much as possible so I will finish all of the models first.  Then I’ll paint the tanks to get a little more practice with the airbrush before I paint up the infantry.

That’s it for now, thanks for looking!

  • Your sculpting skills are great. It’s awesome to see the improvements over the time you’ve been posting the shots.

    The unit itself is great. The amount of time you’re putting into the army is insane. I know if I were in your shoes with a looming deadline that I’d be rushing through stuff but you’re not and I commend you for that.

    • Thanks! The more sculpting I do the more I find I enjoy it. It’s very satisfying to improve my skills and it allows me to express my ideas in ways I just can’t achieve otherwise.

      It has been difficult to resist the rush but I don’t want to regret it later. I want to get the models right. I am a bit worried about finishing on time. I may end up rushing the paint jobs but I can fix that later if necessary. Once they are painted it’s highly unlikely I’ll improve the conversion beneath the paint. I’m also hoping that if I do have to rush the paint that the conversions will offset that a bit.

  • JustHippie

    Can’t wait to see this army in action. This will definitely be one I watch during the Standoff.

    • Thanks, they’ve been very rewarding to work on. I’m inspired by the armies that you, Thor, and so many others bring to events like the Standoff. It’s great motivation to step up my own efforts!

  • JD Brink

    very impressive! you’ve created perfectly positioned models for something that’s never existed before — grot snipers. nice work!

    • Thanks! I’ve only used them in a few games but so far they’ve performed well enough that I expect to use them regularly. Ratling Snipers may not be a power unit but they’re a great distraction and fun to use. I felt they deserved some interesting models!

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