Rebel Grot “Ratling” Snipers Complete!

Hello all,

I’ve finished my Rebel Grot sniper team.  These will be used mostly to represent Ratling Snipers, but I could use them to slip sniper rifles into other units just to try it out.  I wanted to represent their stealthy nature by keeping them in mostly muted colors that blend into their environment.  It doesn’t create a real exciting paint job but hey, decent snipers just aren’t that flashy!  The conversions were a lot of fun and I’m relying on the character of the models to make them ‘pop’ instead of the paint.  Anyway, here’s the pics!

IMG_5944 IMG_5941 IMG_5939 IMG_5938 IMG_5936Next up is to complete my Veteran squad, then it’s on to the tanks!

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Rebel Grot “Ratling” Snipers Complete!
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