Rebel Grot Sentinels WIP: Weapons Loaded

Hello all,

Over the past week I’ve continued working on a squadron of Armored Sentinels for my Rebel Grots army.  In particular I’ve been working on the weapons and mounts.  I’ve been running them with autocannons and hunter killer missiles and they’ve been working pretty well for me.  With the new Astra Militarum codex they have the same stats but for fewer points so I imagine they’ll continue to pay out.

These are from an ebay auction and came armed with heavy flamers.  I have one sentinel kit that I haven’t assembled yet so I was able to use one autocannon and one missile from that.  The autocannon on the left was converted from one of the heavy flamers while the one in the middle is a complete scratch build.  The scratch built one needs a couple more details to break up the boxy outline.  I also want to add some rivets and other minor details to the sentinels themselves then they’re ready for paint.

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Rebel Grot Sentinels WIP: Weapons Loaded
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