Rebel Grot Veteran Squad in progress

Hello all,

I’ve made a little progress on my first Veteran Squad for my Rebel Grots army.  I still have a lot of highlighting/shading and detail work to do.  I was hoping to have them finished this week but my weekend was extremely busy (but fun) so I didn’t get anything done there.  I was planning to work on them last night but just as I was setting up we lost power.  Painting by candlelight just doesn’t work well and by the time power was restored I had given up.  Oh well, I’ll get them done eventually!

So here they are.  The first five are the sergeant, vox caster, and plasma gunners:

IMG_5945 (800x175) IMG_5947 (800x196)

Then we have the five lasgunners.IMG_5949 (800x197) IMG_5952 (800x198)

I’m hoping to make the Fratris Salutem this year.  I missed it last year and it sounds like it was a blast.  My current plan is to bring my Rebel Grots and join the non-Imperials.  I don’t think allies are allowed so I’ll have to step up my progress a bit to get a full army finished in time.

  • I like the character of this squad; just something about them. The painting is looking good as well. That a dark blue than you’ve been using or just the lighting?

    Fratris was awesome last year. It was honestly the most fun I’ve seen a group of players having. I saw players getting stomped who were laughing and saying how great their game was. I’m glad I’ll get to play in it this year.

    Todd, who is running it this year, decided to allow allies but he will be defining the allies matrix to avoid some of the cheesy crap. I think it’s pretty much down to battle brothers and even then not all of those options will make it. Either way, not looking good for an IG and Ork pairing.

    • Thanks, I’m pretty happy with how the models came out. The blue is the same as I’ve been using but it hasn’t been highlighted yet. The picture is also a little dark.

      Allies are bit tricky for this army. Orks make sense for my Rebel Grot fluff, but IG and Orks aren’t battle brothers on the chart (given the amount of distrust that exists between the Rebels and their former oppressors it doesn’t make sense for them to be battle brothers anyway.) I could technically throw in my Space Wolf proxy Reavers since IG and Wolves are battle brothers, but that doesn’t actually make any sense with the Rebel Grots. In any case I’m not planning on allies. If I can’t pull the Rebels together in time I’ll go full Orks.

  • khorneinquisitor

    Second to last lasgunner…is that his tongue hanging out? Epic. Love ’em.

    • Yes, that is his tongue. I can’t take much credit for it though, that’s one of the standard night goblin heads from the last generation of sculpts.

      But thanks! I’m glad you like them.

  • JD Brink

    Looking good! I like the plasma gun glow, and the monkey wrench guy scratching in pits like a monkey!

    • Thanks! I hadn’t noticed it before, but he does look like he’s doing a monkey scratch!

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