Rebel Grot Veteran Squad in progress

Hello all,

I’ve made a little progress on my first Veteran Squad for my Rebel Grots army.  I still have a lot of highlighting/shading and detail work to do.  I was hoping to have them finished this week but my weekend was extremely busy (but fun) so I didn’t get anything done there.  I was planning to work on them last night but just as I was setting up we lost power.  Painting by candlelight just doesn’t work well and by the time power was restored I had given up.  Oh well, I’ll get them done eventually!

So here they are.  The first five are the sergeant, vox caster, and plasma gunners:

IMG_5945 (800x175) IMG_5947 (800x196)

Then we have the five lasgunners.IMG_5949 (800x197) IMG_5952 (800x198)

I’m hoping to make the Fratris Salutem this year.  I missed it last year and it sounds like it was a blast.  My current plan is to bring my Rebel Grots and join the non-Imperials.  I don’t think allies are allowed so I’ll have to step up my progress a bit to get a full army finished in time.

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Rebel Grot Veteran Squad in progress
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