Rebel Grots Basilisk WIP: More Rivets!

Hello all,

I’ve made a lot of progress this past week…on my house.  I’ve repaired a few boards and painted a lot of trim in the effort to entice a buyer.  It’s all minor maintenance work that needs to be done whether I sell or not, so I’m glad to have it done regardless.  Although I managed to squeeze in very little hobby time I did manage to make some progress on the Rebel Grot basilisk.  Mostly I’ve been adding rivets and armor plates.

I also added a rubber cowl to the hull mounted heavy bolter and cleaned up a messy seam near the back of the right side using green stuff.  I have a few more plates and stowage to add.  As I’m nearing the end of the home repairs I might actually have this ready for paint soon.  The crew will need to be painted separately so I may paint the tank before building the crew.

Well, that’s what I’ve got for now.  I know it’s slow progress but at least I haven’t come to a full stop!

Update: I’ve painted the Basilisk. Check out the painting showcase.

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Rebel Grots Basilisk WIP: More Rivets!
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