Rebel Grots: Command Squads and Veterans WIP

Hello all,

I had planned to attend a 1250 tournament on Saturday so I set my mind on getting enough Rebel Grots pieced together to field them on their own.  Painting scores weren’t a factor for this event, and I’ve seen plenty of WIP armies at the shop, so I wasn’t worried about getting them painted.  I just wanted them to be assembled enough that my opponents could tell what was what without too much trouble.  Real life stepped in at the last minute to kill my plans to attend the tournament (good news, our house is under contract to sell!)  Although I didn’t make the game, I did make a lot of progress on the army so I’ve got some pictures to show off!

First up is my Company Command Squad with Vox Caster, Regimental Standard, and two Plasma Guns.  The Company Commander also has a bolter.  I am debating whether to add shoulder pads to the two Plasma Gunners like I did for the infantry grots.  The sleeveless goblin arms are a bit brawnier than the night goblin arms so they don’t need the bulk as much.  If the Catachans can count a flimsy vest and bulky biceps as flak armor maybe my grots can get away with it too!  I also put together a scratch built chimera for them using a template I found on 4shared.  I’ve used card for the basic build, I’ll use styrene sheet for the detail and armor plates.

Rebel Grots 072913a Rebel Grots 072913b Rebel Grots 072913c

Next up is my Platoon Command Squad with Vox Caster and three Grenade Launchers.  Like the Company Commander, the Platoon Commander is sporting a bolter.  I used Cadian grenade launcher arms for two of these.  They aren’t a perfect fit, you can see where I’ve used green stuff to fill the joins on the middle one (the other is held together with poster putty for now.)  I really like how the arms look with the goblin bodies and I don’t have to add the shoulder pads myself!  The third grenade launcher is scratch built.

Rebel Grots 072913dRebel Grots 072913e

Last up is my new Veteran Squad with Vox Caster and three Plasma Guns.  There is still a bit of green stuff work left on this squad but I like how they’ve come together so far.  I used Cadian lasgun arms on a few of these.  As I expand the army I’m going to buy a fair amount of Cadian arms!  The hands are smaller than the goblin hands but the proportions vary so much across the goblin and grot range that it works well as long as I don’t use one of each on the same model.  I’ve also started a chimera for these guys but it’s a couple steps behind the other one.

Rebel Grots 072913f

This week I’ll finish the Veterans’ chimera to the same level as the CCS’ ride so they both fit the proper footprint and have a turret for LOS checks.  Then I’ll work on getting the grots ready for paint.

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Congrats on the house contract. Hopefully it all goes smoothly for you.

The squads are coming along and that Chimera template is nice. I may have to try that out at some point, scratch-building some vehicles for my IG allies when I get there.