Rebel Grots

Rebel Grots: First Infantry Squad (Grunts) Painted

I haven’t made any progress on the Lascannon team, but the rest of the first infantry squad for my Grethcin Infantry Tactical Strikeforce (GITS) is painted and I’m happy with the results.  Plenty of pictures inside.


Here’s the squad sergeant with bolter:

Vox-caster.  I figure he holds the little guy up over his chattering squad mates to better hear the boss’ orders:

Here are two of the Infantry Grots converted from fantasy models.  This is Yellow Platoon (denoted by the yellow star.)  The 1 on their right shoulder marks them as Infantry Squad 1:

Infantry Grot with Flamer.

That’s the first round of grunts painted.  I might go back and add another highlight to the faces.

This week I plan to get their Lascannon Team painted and start on the second squad.

Let me know what you think!

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Rebel Grots: First Infantry Squad (Grunts) Painted
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