Rebel Grots: Infantry Squad 2 ready for paint

Hello all,

In the past week I’ve finished adding shoulder pads to the rest of Infantry Squad II.  I also added hats to a few of them, finished up their bases, and primed them for painting.  The five grunts in the front are the ones I’ve finished since the last post.  Rebel Grot 031813a Rebel Grot 031813b Rebel Grot 031813cI’m quite happy with how the hats came out.  They do a bit to help break up the single pose models a bit.  If you look closely you can see the one on the left has a tear in his hat.  Below you can see them primed and waiting for paint.Rebel Grot 031813dRebel Grot 031813eThe lascannon team is also ready for paint, though I didn’t add them to the picture.  I wasn’t quite ready to switch into painting mode so I started converting the Company Commander and Regimental Standard bearer.  This week I’m planning to get some paint on the lascannon team.

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Well done.

How did you manage to create the brim on that rounded hat?


I like the variety of hats. The one looks like an evil leprechaun!