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Rebel Grots (Imperial Guard) Platoon Command Squad Finished!

    Hello all,

    Last week I posted pics of models I painted to a low tabletop standard for the sake of the Standish Standoff.  Although I didn’t get them where I wanted them for the event this does leave me with several units that are fairly close to finished so I should be able to post a lot of finished models in the next few weeks.  I started with the Platoon Command Squad because the command squads were furthest from finished.  The picture quality isn’t fantastic; I haven’t set up a photo booth since moving so these were taken using the flash.  Maybe this week I’ll find my lights and set up for better pics.

    December 2 2013 001 December 2 2013 004

    The grenadier on the left was converted from a second edition starter box gretchin.  Now that I’ve worked out a head swap that I’m happy with I’ll be able to make good use of these for bulking out my infantry squads.  This was about as much work as adding hats or masks but being able to change the direction he’s facing adds much more variety to the model.  The middle two are goblin models with added height and IG arms, the fourth is a goblin with added height and pads.

    December 2 2013 006 December 2 2013 007 December 2 2013 011

    The platoon commander is the Head Honcho from the Gorkamorka Rebel Grots.  He’s one of the models that inspired me to build this army in the first place.  I haven’t done any conversion work here.  Unfortunately, the flash really skewed the blue highlights while flattening the greens.  I’ll get better pictures of these when I can.

    Next on my workbench is the Company Command Squad.  There aren’t as many conversions in the squad but there’s more opportunity for interesting paint jobs.


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    9 years ago

    Looking great. I really like the blue on these guys. I also really like that Grot with the skull on the back plate.

    JD Brink
    9 years ago

    That’s a fun-looking group! My only complaint is I’d like to see a little more color. The blue and green look good, but for the command squad I’d kinda like to see them stand out, just with a few details that catch the eye, ya know? Just a suggestion.