Can It Be? The Return of the White Dwarf!

This September saw the return of the once mighty White Dwarf to a larger monthly format that was promised to be stuffed full of great content for both new comers and veteran gamers alike.  Behold!

New White Dwarf 2016
Mmmmm.  Mixed matt and gloss finish.  Phwoar!

For a full review of the features and photos, feel free to pop over to my blog Languor Management!

So with that shameless plug out of the way, what do you get from the revitalized magazine?  Well, first and foremost is the free miniature on the cover. Anything free is always nice, and the slaughterpreist does makes the magazine great value.

MOAR plastic for the plastic god!!!

So what else is there?  Another good reason to get this magazine is the expanded rules sets for many of the specialty games that GW have released recently. These rules will inject a bit of life back into those games and keep them on the tabletop, and perhaps they will keep adding more rules for these games in future issues.

Yes, some people still play this one too

It also has the much heralded return of the Battle Report! These were easily my favourite part of the old OLD White Dwarf, and it is shame the report inside this issue is a bit of a let down.  I was disappointed to see it was AoS rather than 40k (and I like AoS!) but I also found that the new format suffered from a bad case of ‘trying to reinvent the wheel’.

Haters gonna hate

As for the other regular features, The Four Warlords article is a nice idea to bring back and I look forward to seeing how it develops over time.  Army of the Month is a good feature, Illuminations is a ripping collection of artwork, while Ultimate Guide is a background piece delving into various fluff.  Army Focus and Hall of Fame give a nice bit of background and inside knowledge into various miniatures, while Sprues and Glue and Paint Splatter offer well-intentioned advice on painting and conversions.  Temporal Distort looks back at old issues of WD (reminding you just how good it used to be) while ‘Eavy Metal is, well, ‘Eavy Metal, and Parade Ground is an extension of the ‘Eavy Metal section under a different guise

I wonder if my 2nd edition Marine force is worth submitting?

Having read it cover to cover in a matter of mere seconds, my initial impression is that the White Dwarf we knew and loved is indeed back and headed in the right direction.  It is not there yet, but it is hard to argue with 150 pages of (almost) advert free content.  A free miniature helps too, but they can’t do that forever – only time will tell if the new direction and content will stand on its own two feet.

Thanks for the memes Gene

  • jack shrapnel

    Thanks for the overview. I think this might be the first white dwarf in quite a while I’ll be picking up.

    • iapedus

      Definitely worth it for this one, just hang fire on the subscription for now :)

  • I’ll check out your full review when I have more time, but this seems to be most people’s take: it’s good, it’s a step in the right direction, but it’s not there yet. However, that’s like glowing praise compared to what they’ve given us the past few years. I have faith, especially with everything they’ve been doing, that they’ll get there.

    • iapedus

      Yeah, the whole company seems to have turned a corner in many ways recently – just need to see whether that good will and moment is maintained over the long run. ‘Hope is the first step on the road to disappointment’ and all that, but I think they have earned a bit of faith from the fans.

  • Chaz Sexington

    What, no mention of Blanchitsu?! That was the highlight for me!

    I thought the writing was the main let down from an AoS/40k POV – in a lot of places it read like sponsored content. I know it sounds weird – I know it’s GW’s own magazine, but it was just too obvious at times. While I appreciate listing the kits the conversions were made from, it doesn’t quite need “the wonderful and amazing Astra Militarum platoon kit.” An illusion of a neutral POV would at least make it read better.

    • iapedus

      Oh man, Blanchitsu! I should have mentioned it, although I think my oversight reflected how slim an article it was in the context f the magazine. It could (and should) have been 8 pages minimum! They could probably have done away with one or two of the Deathwatch infomercials to accommodate it.

  • I’m still waiting to pick one up, they sold out very quickly here.

  • I’m very happy that they are changing direction with it. It’s definitely something they needed to do. Now I just want them to bring back Citadel Journal… one can dream, right?

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