Rok Da Vote: 40K 6th Edition Rumors

6th Edition - MathBy now many have seen the rumors circulating about 6th edition for 40K. If you haven’t seen them then take a look around, they’re easy enough to find. In light of the recent rumors I figured instead of jumping on the bandwagon of reporting them that I’d instead toss-up a poll to see what you thought of them. As usual, the poll can be found on the right or below.

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Personally, I think there’s a lot of wishful thinking in these rumors. Some of it makes sense to be sure but a lot of the drastic core changes being mentioned I just don’t see happening. I know many would enjoy a more complex system but remember with complexity comes a bigger time commitment to a game. Not to mention unless the rules are perfectly clear, and let’s be honest they all aren’t even now, then I just see the game getting bogged down with constant references needing to be made and rules arguments; that is if all those rumored rules are to be believed.

Simply put, I have a hard time believing that after 5th edition simplified and cleaned up a lot of uselessness from 4th that GW would make 6th edition one of the most complex editions in a long time. Taking into account GW’s recent approach of simplification from rules to codices, I just don’t see it.

  • Anonymous

    Lol, I hope they change these things.  I’m actually pretty nervous about what GW will do to this game I love- they already ‘ruined’ Fantasy for a lot of people, and I hope that doesn’t translate to 40k as well.

    • Amberclad87

      I agree with Xaereth here. I’ve elaborated more on the forums but I actually would not be surprised if they took a drastic change to 6th edition. They did it in fantasy from 7th to 8th. I feel like a big change brings high risk, high reward, where if the improved upon 5th would be good but not as rewarding cash wise. If these rumors are true then GW is obviously going the high risk, high reward style. I just hope it works, cause it failed with warhammer fantasy.

    • I’d like to think they learned from Fantasy 8th. It’s one thing to change up a few core things it’s a whole other if all of the rumors were true. Simply put, it would be a whole different game and one I’m not sure I’d enjoy nearly as much.

  • I would have voted if there’d been an option for: “I like 5th edition, why do things have to change all the damn time?”

    If it ain’t broke . . . break it and sell them another one!

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