Rok Da Vote: 6th Edition Impressions Closed

6th Edition First ImpressionsYet another great turnout for voting. With 105 votes it’s the best turnout on a poll yet. It also lends more value to the results with such a large sampling. Speaking of, here they are.

[poll id=”23″]

With a strong lead the top answer was that people like 6th edition, 49% of the people. The fact that one answer out of five possible answers had half the votes is huge. I’m glad to see that so many people are enjoying this newest edition as I honestly wasn’t sure how the voting would go with 6th edition being a pretty significant change from the last two editions. Suffice to say that most people are really enjoying the changes so far. How this pans out down the road may very well change.

The next top answer with 31% of the vote were those who felt this was the best edition yet. Take a moment to think about that. That means that 80% of the voters felt positive about 6th edition, that’s crazy. Nearly a third feeling it’s the best one yet is significant for sure, and I’m one of those. This answer, however, can only be given so much credence though. I’ve played since 4th edition, others since the very beginning and yet more only since 5th. So, the range of comparison to claim it as the best edition is variable. Regardless, it’s yet another positive showing for 6th edition.

The final answers had 12% who thought it was OK, 5% who said they won’t play it and 3% who will play it but don’t care for it. This means that only 7% of the voters feel negatively about 6th edition, again this amazes me when you see the constant stream of vitriol regarding 40K online. Then again it’s always been known that the vocal majority is almost always those with a chip on their shoulder.

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