Rok Da Vote: 6th Edition Rumors Poll Closed

40K 6th Edition Rumors - MathThought for sure I’d get a bigger response but what can you do? Since the votes haven’t changed in a few weeks it’s time to shut this one down. Here’s the results regarding the 6th edition rumors for 40K:

[poll id=”13″]

With a fair lead, 36%, people voted that the rumors look like a lot of wishful thinking, myself included. I’ve no doubt that there’s some merit to some of what we’re hearing but I just don’t see GW making so many of the radical changes that are floating around. We saw 8th edition Fantasy become easier to play, or dumbed down depending who you ask, much like 5th edition 40K. The reasoning behind such a move is to make the game more assessable to newer players by not overly complicating rules. Why would GW suddenly have a change of heart? Anything is possible though.

Following that at 23% were the people who voted that they’d believe it when they see it. This vote was basically saying the same as the above in a slightly different way. So, basically we have 59% of the voters saying it all just looks like BS.

We move on to 13% saying they’re just happy rumors are flying. Generally speaking when we start seeing this many rumors it means things are closer than we realize. In a similar vein there’s 10% who are excited by the rumors and finally 8% who had not seen the rumors yet.

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