Rok Da Vote: 6th Edition Thoughts – Re-poll (Closed)

Warhammer 40K 6th EditionUnsurprisingly the re-poll didn’t pull the voters that the initial poll did. People vote heavily when something is new and shiny. However, it wasn’t a terrible turn-out so let’s see how people feel now that 6th has been on the shelves for a while compared to when it first released.

First up, the original poll weeks after 6th hit.

[poll id=”23″]

Then the re-poll.

[poll id=”31″]

Let’s start from the top down.

When it first released there were 5% who said they wouldn’t play it compared to 8% now he do not play it. Again, without a comparable voter pool on both polls it’s hard to make direct comparisons but it would seem those who had no intent on playing have stuck to that.

Initially 3% had said they would play 6th but that they didn’t care for it. Compare that to now where 10% say the same. Not a big change in results but some people did not take to this edition. It seems every edition this happens. Some people just don’t care for it for one reason or another but their friends still play so they continue on for the social element.

12% Said it’s OK when the poll first went up and now 5% say it’s OK. That’s a reasonable difference but not huge. People seem to love or hate something as a general rule and the OK vote lends merit to that. The difference between before and now has been shifted a bit into the prior negative responses mostly (by my guess anyway), with some going positive.

Out the gates there were 49% who liked 6th edition compared to now with 34%. That’s a pretty significant difference but the reason for it becomes apparent in the last vote. Still, even at 34% now who like 6th edition that’s way beyond the less favorable votes. Even if you factor in the OK votes with the negative ones, that’s still only 23% compared to the lowest positive response of 34%.

The final response. At first 31% of the voters claimed it was the best edition yet. Now, 43% say the same. One would guess some of those OK votes from before went here as well as those who liked it. This is why I like doing these re-polls. You always initially get knee-jerk reactions but as time goes on people see something for what it is, not what they think it will be. So, overall this gives 6th edition a positive response of 77%, which I think is pretty damn impressive. Originally, first poll, 80% gave positive responses, so it is down 3% but more of those positive votes this time went into the vote for best edition. To which I’d conclude that those who stuck with 6th edition have come to love it.

  • There were three people in both cases who chose “I don’t play it.” I wouldn’t be surprised if they were the same three people who simply don’t play 40k (and are reading a 40k blog for the pictures?) or were and still are enjoying an older edition in their group.

    The large reduction in turnout looks to me like a large group of people who aren’t polarized enough to bother responding to the poll a second time. I would attribute a probably attitude of “it’s ok” to most of them.

    Overall, this looks to me that amongst our readers the more passionate trends are toward the positive while the majority have essentially concluded that it’s still 40k, and that’s ok.

    • Good assessment. The second round of any poll like this I never expect the same turnout. When 6th hit the shelves everyone was searching for “6th edition” and some ended up on that poll and took the second to cast a vote. Now that it’s old news the only voters here are regulars, not the same volume by any means but still interesting to do.

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