Rok Da Vote: 6th FAQ Thoughts (Closed)

FAQsA few weeks ago, just after they came out, I asked you all what you thought of the 6th edition FAQs. The results are in and they are as follows.

[poll id=”25″]

At 41% were those voting that Games Workshop did a great job. Right behind with 32% are those who thought the FAQs were amazing. So, we have 73% of the voters giving a positive rating on the FAQs. I think it’s great that GW came out swinging with the FAQs. The rumor I heard was that GW was going to be far more proactive with the FAQs than they have in the past and I think the batch we saw indicates just that. Here’s hoping they can keep up with it.

Next we have at 27% those who thought the FAQs were OK. Not everyone is going to love the changes in the FAQs and it’s expected. Lastly, at 0% were those who thought the FAQs were terrible. I mostly put that option in as I had seen some people complain about the FAQs and how it was the nail in the coffin for them; it drove them to quit 40K. I can’t say I understand it but oh well.

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