Rok Da Vote: Battle Reports Poll Closed

There wasn’t a ton of votes in this poll, likely because it wasn’t interesting to many, but regardless the results are in. I was looking for opinions about how you like to see battle reports so I can try to deliver the type that people prefer. Here’s the results:

[poll id=”19″]

The most voted on answer at 54% was getting an overview of the battle, covering the high points. This is something I already do so that’s easy!

At 38% people want lots of pictures. It’s a rare day indeed when I take shots of my battles but now I have a phone with a good camera I’ll have to start doing just that. This is something I’ll need to work on for sure.

Surprisingly, to me, at 29% was reports in video format. This isn’t something I’ve ever done or plan to but I do have a new author who is supposed to be doing just that *nudge, nudge*.

So with 25% we have those who like a narrative style. Another format I also like and do on occasion when the game dictates it. It’s one of those things were not every game is story worthy but some just scream it.

Now the bottom stuff. There was 17% who like a lot of details. I have to say I’ve done this when I first began doing battle reports but it was so time consuming I quickly stopped. In at 13% are those who like some pictures but not a lot. This is a preference of mine too. I like seeing the high points in image format and the cool stuff but I certainly don’t need 50 pictures for a game either. Finally, 4% just don’t like battle reports.

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