Rok Da Vote: Battle Reports Poll Up

Usually once a week I put up a battle report and have done so in various formats, though not all listed in the poll. So the question is simple, what type of battle reports do you prefer? Not much else to say other than you can vote below or off to the right.

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  • BigToof

    Hi Thor,
    You know where I sit with this one, but I will say I love BatReps of all kinds and sorts, but one thing that always sort of busts me in the gut is seeing BatReps made with great pictures but no explanation of how the action is going.  Strategy is something I love and want to see more of.  After all, half of the “tricks” you see out there (if not more) come from freely playing around with random things.
    My votes go to overview and piccies (some, but not as many as possible). 
    Don’t get me wrong, I love fluff, but I don’t fancy the reps that are told TOTALLY in-story and with no comments on what you’re doing on the table-top.
    Love the page, and hope to see more.

    • Fair enough, thanks.

  • Spectre Senence

    I agree a lot with BigToof, I am addicted to viewing Batreps. I’m partial to videos because of YouTube but if the pics are there still cool. The big thing for me is army build reviewed and the tactics used. But I’ll follow whatever you do, I like this page :)

    • Some things are easier done than others, obviously. It takes me no extra preparation to write a report covering whatever details I do. Things like video reports and pictures of course require some preperation, so yeah, just getting the feelers out there.

  • I’m not a fan of video reports.  I do most of my blog reading during short breaks at work and it’s just not convenient for me to sit through a video most of the time.

    What I like to see in a battle report is some tactical analysis.  I like to know what the players were trying to do, which units performed which role well and how they worked together.  It’s also good to know if they failed or succeeded because of unusual dice rolling or because of proper application.  In short, I’d like to learn something that I can apply to my own games.

    • Good point. I know I’ve been slacking in that aspect with my reports and will have to make a point to do that.

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