Rok Da Vote: Dark Angels 6th Edition Codex (Re-poll)

Dark AngelsSeven months ago I put up the first poll shortly after the release of the Dark Angels codex to get your feedback. The time has come to do a re-poll and see how opinions have changed over time. I know at my FLGS they have all but disappeared in the face of other newer codices but I realize that’s a small sampling. Still, it’s interesting that so many waited so long for it and have since pushed it aside.



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  • JustHippie

    I’ve played the hit and run bikers, Deathwing, and Devastation banner of ridiculous shooting. They are all good lists and I think it is a solid book.

    • It really has some great stuff in there that’s unique to Dark Angels. It’s also a great army if you want a low model count. It’s not as small as Grey Knights but Deathwing is close. Yet, it’s like the red-headed stepchild of Marines, at least as far as we see players using it.

      • Epaminondas

        Termies are significantly overcosted now; I have dropped an unit or two from most DW lists. W/L ratio is right at 50/50 with termies right now, and I have yet to play the Tau and Eldar.

        Point costs for termies went up 30-50 points per unit of 5, Belial went up 60; splitfire is useful, but the deep strike from reserves FAQ means you are not deepstriking. So you pay a premium for a bunch of rules that are not useful.

        Banner of Devastation lists are funny, but static.

        FYI the consensus of the DA community is that RW is good right now, but Deathwing and the Greenwing are subpar.

        If the SM codex is at all good, you will see a lot of DA counting as SM; and only see the Deathwing and Ravenwing for the DA codex.

        • Pasargard

          And now ravenwing is terrible.
          Dark angels are officially Banner angels. Play anything else are you are basically space marines with costlier models and less rules.

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