Rok Da Vote: Eldar Codex – 6th Edition

Eldar Codex - 6th EditionThe long-awaited Eldar codex has arrived and at my FLGS we have no less than 4-5 players playing them on a given 40K night. From everything I’ve seen, the Eldar players are loving the new codex, at least compared to what passed as one prior.

So, as always, looking to see what the general populace thinks of this new codex. Vote away!

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  • JD Brink

    i could vote anywhere from “its a good solid codex” thru “it’s a bit over the top” so i went for the middle of those — “kick ass”. which really, is how i feel about 90% of it, so I guess that’s a good vote for me.

  • JustHippie

    I have seen so many really over the top things and heard from many others as well about how “too good” Battle focus is and with a crazy fast army it is just too much. Being able to shoot your shield for D6+1 shots? Wraithknight bargain? Wave serpents? it is just too much in one book IMO.
    The 6th edition books so far have had many ‘decent’ units with maybe 1 or 2 ‘good’ ones. This book is full of ‘good’ ones with several ‘too good’ ones.

    • gregor_xenos

      Don’t know about your “too good” units. I have played a lot of games with this new book and I find:
      1. Wave Serpents… Sure they get D6+1 shots. If your rolling is like mine, you wont see more than 4 shots very often. AND its AP-. Useful? Yes. Broken? Not by any means
      2. Wraithknight BARGAIN?… Wow. Never heard it called that. 240 gets ya two shots that often only one hits and it whiffs on the chart half the time. The Suncannon/ Shield is even worse (when taking the Scatter lasers even) for 300!!! In my experience this unit is only good for a bullet magnet and punching tanks.
      3. Yes, its fast.
      4. Overall, I think the Serpent Spam will die out. The Jetbikes are the true winners in this dex.

      • JustHippie

        What other transports are that fast?
        Look at EVERY other MC in the game and compare them to the WK and then tell me it isn’t too good for the points.

      • ajg6116

        you forgot to mention that the d6+1 shots have pinning and ignores cover. Add the fact you can fire a scatter laser first which is another 4 shots and that shuriken cannon underneath and you are looking at 8-13 High str twin-linked shots 3 with rending againt models with a toughness value. Thats a fast skimmer transport with excellent durability 4+ cover and turns pens into glances if you dont want to fire you extra shots. Fantastic!

        Also that mantle of the laughing god Farseer is ridiculous. You cant charge it because its so manuverable, and forget shooting, it has a rerollable 2+ cover save when it moves.
        Don’t even get me started with battle focus. That rule alone is broken.

  • Amish Jr.

    Could be worse, could be 3rd Edition Eldar where you would just lose before the game began.
    Also, that link you posted is an aweful example. Yes SIX Wave Serpents is broken, but then again EVERY Codex is broken if you just spam to really good units. There is much more to this codex than just Wave Serpents. Striking Scorpions, Swooping Hawks, Vipers, Shinning Spears, Dark Reapers, War Walkers, etc. are all viable units now where as before they were not, they were god aweful up to this point. Wait till you get to play against the non-mech portion of Eldar becides Guardians in Wave Serpents before you label it all broken.

    • JustHippie

      You sound like someone I know talking about 3 editions ago. Didn’t you pretty much table all 3 of your opponents Saturday? I still say this is the most powerful codex of 6th edition.

    • ajg6116

      At least facing the non mech eldar I could do some damage to them cause there not hiding in a broken 4+ cover save vehicle that turns all pens to glances. As for 3rd edition eldar I played against them it sucked. Turns out I felt the same way when I played there new 6th edition codex the other day.

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