Rok Da Vote: Favorite 40K Game Size (Closed)

Space Marine & OrkEarlier this month I put up a poll asking you all what you favorite game size was for 40K. After nearly a month, and a fair amount of votes, it’s time to close down voting and check the results.

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Individually each result was really close. However there was a trend.

The top vote with 25% was 1,500. Not real surprising as it’s often and long been rumored that Games Workshop intended 40K for a size of 1,500 and that’s where they balance the game. Of course it’s never been confirmed, and likely never will, but it is a fun size to play.

Tied at 18% is 1,750 and 2K. A size of 1,750 was my vote. It’s smallish but allows for some toys to be fielded without hurting your overall force, as in giving up valuable troops to put down harder units. It’s not too big either so there’s care in creating your force. The size of 2K being voted so high I suppose isn’t entirely shocking. It’s always been a favored game size in the US and with 6th edition using it as a way to get to a second force org, well it’s understandable it ranked up there.

This one surprised me though, 16% voted for under 1,500. Playing under 1,500 is something I tend to only do in a campaign setting with escalating game sizes as you progress. I personally find games under 1,500 to be pretty rough as by the time you fill the requirements you aren’t left with a lot to play with. You either have a very bland (in my opinion), balanced force or one that’s super specialized, which can hurt with a bad match-up.

Then we have 13% voting for 1,850 and 10% for games above 2K. I view 1,850 much like 1,750 but (obviously), closer to a 2K game than 1,500. Games over 2K I rarely bother with, and apparently the same can be said of most of the voters. I feel with the newer codices often giving more point efficient troops that you don’t need to go very large these days to get a fun force on the field. There was a time when you had to go large to get the toys but not so much now.

The trend I mentioned earlier is of generally smaller games being favored. By smaller I mean games of 1,750 and less. Games of 1,750 and under held 59% of the votes. Of course that’s my perspective of smaller and I understand Europeans prefer the 1,500 range and consider that normal, not small. Even with that, 1,500 and under, those still hold 41% of the overall vote. So, it would seem the preference for larger games is in the minority.

  • TheRhino

    I think one of the trends in 40K of late has been the cheapening of units on a per-model basis. When almost every model in your army takes a slight points dip, you can go one of two routes: pack more into the same points, or lower the points and run the same size armies model-wise.
    It’s kind of like 40K economics. Prices drop, so you can run out and buy MOREMOREMORE or you can buy the same amount and have some extra money/time/etc left over.

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