Rok da Vote: Favorite 40K Game Size

Space Marine & OrkIn trying to think of a new poll to toss up I went through my previous ones and was surprised I never asked this one. The question is straight forward, what’s your favorite point level to play 40K at?

I think it’s hard to nail down a specific size but of course that’s what I’m asking. I prefer basically anything under 2K. If I had to put a finger on a number, which of course I will, I’d say 1,750 is my favorite. At that level you have some room for goodies but you still have to make sacrifices, which I feel is part of the strategy. When you’re playing 2K and above you can pretty well take what you want. Smaller games require more consideration in my experience and I enjoy that process, even if it can be agonizing.

So, vote away!

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  • I didn’t see an option for 1337, so I chose “less than 1500.”

  • I also like 1750, for the same reasons as you stated.

    I used to play primarily 1500 point or smaller games because at that level you need to think about what you are going to take. I also used to know who I would be facing ahead of time. The lower the points cost, the more specialized your force tends to be.

    • It is a chore to try and build a well rounded list at smaller levels. It can be done but then it’s often underwhelming, in my experience anyway.

      • To tell the truth I prefer smaller games against a known opponent. There are units that are fantastic in certain situations but meh in an all-comers list and these situational units are much more likely to hit the field when you know you are facing a codex that they’ll do well against. Playing tailored lists against tailored lists provides a more varied feel to the games, playing a rounded all-comers list against other rounded lists feels a little more homogenous. Tailoring lists also helps avoid the rock-paper-scissors risk.

        For a well rounded list I do prefer to a few more points to cover the bases. At smaller points you have to rely heavily on generalist units to get a well rounded list, meaning you’re often applying a sub-optimal tool to the task. With more points you add in a couple of specialists and let the generalists fill gaps.

        • Good point and probably why I don’t often use an all-comers list at tournaments. I just find an all-comers list boring. Of course I generally pay for that choice too at tournaments where I should be fielding that all-comers list.

          I think I’ll say all-comers list one more time because I haven’t said all-comers list enough yet. Oh, that’s twice!

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